Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bright Spot Sunflower

Bright Spot Sunflower
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Anniebelly is very excited about the upcoming trip to the farm, where she knows that mashed potatoes will be happening. Last Thanksgiving, she slept all the way home on Thanksgiving Day. She slept solidly for 6 hours in a mashed potato coma. This year she will have earned enough Mashed Potato Credits to earn her MPQ (mashed potato queen) certification.

Whereever you are this morning, I hope you have something very exciting to look forward to for Thanksgiving, even if it is not a new mashed potato certification, maybe something with lots of hugs from loved ones would be just as nice.

Anniebelly gets her mashed potato gameface on....


Marie Theron said...

So much joy in those yellows, Nancy!

Becky said...

Annie, I'm right there with you on mashed potatoes. I had Bob Evans mashed potatoes in a container from the grocery. They were so good and creamy! I had to share with my daughter or I could have eaten them all by myself. 99% of the time I make real taters but I was in a hurry and it was on sale. Love the bright and sunny flowers!Happy Thanksgiving!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi annie!
mashed potatoes! my favorite too!
i love that they are fawn colored so i can be as messy as i want without anyone knowing i need a bib!
happy happy thanksgiving! we are so thankful to have friends like you, your mom and your brudders.

emmy pants and m

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I love your blog as much as your paintings, Nancy. And that's saying something! Your heart is right out there. And I will save some mashed potatoes for dear little 'A'. She is a beauty queen of pugs. And she makes a nice cushion, too. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Carlos and the puggies!

Edward Burton said...

So beautiful, Nancy. Happy Thanksgiving!

Autumn Leaves said...

Oh AnnieBelly! (I love your name, darlin'!) You be the mashed potato queen and I'll be the sweet potato queen, k? Nancy, these sunflowers are so stunning, so beautiful! I think this is my favorite of all your sunflower paintings! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your husband and your trio of pugdom!

Unknown said...

LOL, you guys are so funny. Annie hasn't got any mashed tators yet today, but they will be served momentarily! Happy howlidays to all my dear friends. Hug your babies for me!

Mary said...

Love your sunflower painting, Nancy--and all the recent vibrant florals you have been creating. Goodness! It has been too long since I have checked in to see your work. That is a priceless photo of Annie--hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe travel.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I am hoping everyone got thier face in those nice mashed potatoes and gravy! And I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am still celebrating!
Those sun flowers are gorgeous!
Absolutly gorgous!