Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Me and Mister Blue

Me and Mister Blue
National Wildlife Art Show
Irving, Texas

Mister Blue, Great Blue Heron
Oil on Canvas

Mister Blue was juried into a national wildlife art show recently, and he will fly home with me in a few days after spending time with lions, tigers, and bears *oh my* at the Jaycee Center for the Arts in Irving. This regal fellow was painted from a photograph taken by my talented friend Sharon from the blog A New England Life. Take a peep at her bird photography, you'll see why I am so inspired every time I visit Sharon and see her amazing images.

It's wet, chilly, and dark as pitch in Dallas and this cuppa hot mocha coffee with whippy creme is my best friend this morning. Whoever invented coffee, I *heart* them! Stay warm today and give your little four footed friends hugs for me.... My studio assistants are sawing logs, blissfully unaware of cares and woes, and counting the moments until suppertime.

Studio Assistant Annabelle in the pillows


Arcobaleno said...

Lovely!!! but haw old are you? you are a girl, nice girl!!!! hugsssss!!!!!

Unknown said...

LOL Tata! you are so kind. I am an OLD girl for sure...many hugs to you in Roma! xoxoxoxo

Unknown said...

Annie has such a nice bed and pillows - no wonder logs can be sawed...though I think you were probably talking about Howie and Java.
Well the rain! Oh well. Stay indoors....

Libby's Library said...

What a lovely painting. Your work has such a "soft touch" to it. And speaking of soft...Annabellie's pillows look nice and comfy:-)

Becky Brocato said...

Really nicely done, Nancy. I love the brushwork and colors. You've captured a misty, atmospheric morning in New England. Stay warm and dry! I know we will be getting tons of rain this evening in Houston.

Manon said...

So beautiful Nancy and so is the painting!! : )

Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
i just love this painting! i also really enjoyed your article on

emmitt and i send our love. he was up at 3 this morning waiting for breakfast!

silly puggy! now he is sound asleep while it has just started to snow. :)

m & ep

Mary said...

Wow, that is so beautiful, Nancy! I love to visit Sharon -- her photos are amazing. :)

A New England Life said...

I didn't realize how large the painting was Nancy. It really did come out nice, hopefully you're happy with it. Becky had just the right wording and description. Just think of how inspired you'd be if you lived in New England!

That little Miss Annabelly could care less about Herons! Just give her a warm place to sleep and she's all good : )

Valerie said...

hi Nancy see you still have your little heartbeat at your feet. Love your painting. Hope you have a great holiday season!!!

Autumn Leaves said...

Nancy, I am astounded by your consistently beautiful paintings, no matter the subject! The blue bird (heron?) is a masterpiece! Of course, I am quite drawn to Annabelle as it looks like she found the most comfy spot in the house! She looks like a puppy here!

Unknown said...

Congrats on getting juried into an International show. How cool is that. Of course the painting almost pales next to your warm and bright smile!

Linda O'Neill said...

You look too cute in that picture, Nancy! The painting is amazing.

By the you hire out your studio assistant?

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Nancy
Mr Blue is breath takingly awsome.
We love it!
We also love the picture of you and Mr Blue
Little puggy Annebelly face is too cute all comfy in thise blankeys. I would love to join her.