Friday, October 2, 2009

Gerberas in My Mother's Flower Garden

Gerberas and Hydrangeas
Oil on Canvas

The morning glories in my mother's back yard
have covered her entire fence. They are
climbing over the passion flowers and seem
to take turns with their rivals in a
carefully choreographed blooming rotation.

Her gerberas were enjoying
the morning sun while a pair of painted buntings had
breakfast from her bird feeder nearby.

These purple hydrangeas are from my porch garden
earlier in the summer. It's amazing how such a
delicate looking flower can survive the Texas
heat if given enough shade and water.

Speaking of delicate flowers, here is my
fattygirl assistant AnnieBee, wondering why
on earth they built fences and most
especially why her mama is on the wrong
side of one at this exact moment.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

There is so much feeling in your painting. It gives a feeling of
"coming home"
So beautiful.
Poor little Annie, I know you will reach down and pick her up

Unknown said...

Thank you Tweedley, little Annie never has to wait long to be picked up. In fact, she is snoring in my lap right now with a tummy full of brekkies! I love your post about your friend the lion. sending you warm hugs from Texas little one...xxoxoxo

Autumn Leaves said...

Beautiful flowers but I am struck by the wistfulness in Annie's eyes. Poor baby! What were you thinking, mom, to have her on the opposite side of the fence from you???

Unknown said...

Thank you Autumn, trust me, that baby didn't have to wait long to be reunited with her mama. Although in doggy seconds, I'm sure it was too long...

Unknown said...

Nancy, those morning glories are insane!! But I still get a happy feeling when I see a puggy face. ;)

Have fun in Boston! Love your sunflowers!