Saturday, October 17, 2009

Garden Dancers and a Lesson Learned

Garden Dancers
Oil on Canvas
Coronado, California
Nancy Medina Art

Elizabeth Robbins Pruitt's whirlwind painting tour made a stop in Dallas this weekend and I was one of the lucky ones who reserved a seat in her class. Elizabeth's work is nationally known and she is one of the great floral painters of our time. I was exhausted after the first day of the workshop, my brain felt like I'd been doing trigonometry or quantum physics all day.

Elizabeth and I have been friends on Facebook so it was pretty cool to finally meet in person. Seeing her paint I realized that I scoop up paint and slap it around like a caveman, while she delicately touches the canvas with feathery strokes.

Elizabeth did a sunflower demo this afternoon. For those of you who missed it, I have a box of tissues and a shoulder for you to cry on. This demo was worth its weight in gold. Tomorrow's lesson, roses! My hope is that, after this class, my roses will no longer look like tiny, smeared pepperoni pizzas.
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