Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sugar and Spice and Words of Advice...

Sugar and Spice
Oil on Canvas
Nancy Medina Art

There have been some amazing instructors who've guided me over the years, and I hear their voices floating around in my head as I work sometimes, as if my studio is haunted. Here are a few of their take home messages for you, and I won't charge you a penny for them:

Remember, your shapes must show clarity of information - Robert Moore

If you want to grow, paint every day for five years - Judy Gelfert

Save your brightest brights for your focal point, don't put them too close to edges and for heaven's sake don't put them everywhere - Vicki McMurray

Work thin and transparent until it is time to add the highlights, only then do you add white to your color - Ann Templeton
Holy cow people I told you NOT to take pictures during my demos. - Jean Chambers


Patty said...

Wise words if I ever heard any!! Thanks for sharing - for free!

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

Very good advice...and that painting is do you do it????

Tweedles -- that's me said...

What a beautiful painting!
And thank you for the words of wisdom!

Jill Berry said...

Thanks for sharing this helpful advice.
I always enjoy your geraniums...I haven't had any for a while.

Autumn Leaves said...

Have to admit; the last quote cracked me up! Another lovely piece, Nancy. Geraniums, are those? (I'm not up on all my flora...)

Unknown said...

You forgot "what is that? A potato???" OK I'm keeping it clean but you did get some interesting quotes, I'm sure of it - I do have several phrases floating aroung in my head...
I'm so glad we took some workshops together because you took notes and I didn't! Thank you for reminding me of the wise words.:)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much ladies and little TweedleyPug, who gives me more praise than all three of my puggies combined. ; )
Jill, my geraniums are dormant this summer, I surely miss them!
Those are geraniums and petunias, two of my favs to paint. Judy, you are right, and then there was also our mutual instructor who said to one of our classmates, "that looks like sheeet!" Ah, those were the days.

Nevis said...

LOL! I like the last one the best. :)

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Love the geraniums, the petunias AND the words of wisdom - they're funny, too! thanks.

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Nancy, wonderful words of advice....thanks for sharing. Lovely painting as well. : )


Jean Levert Hood said...

Toooooo fun!! Yes, I often hear instructors voices!

I was at my sister's house in Sante Fe last month. she had a beautiful clay pot of geraniums on on the patio, I took a bunch of photos, ,,, but,,, after seeing another of your beauties...... argh!

Gorgeous painting, as usual, Nancy!
hugs to the pugs!

Archie and Melissa said...

oh what a fabulous post nancy!
i love how you remember each piece of advice so clearly and know where you heard it.

you may laugh, but that is a rare gift.

you listen and speak from you heart and it always shows.

m & ep

Kim VanDerHoek said...

Oops, I broke Ann's rule with my latest painting.

I love the depth of color you achieve in your work Nancy. The composition you created here is exciting to look at because it has so many interesting shapes. Beautiful!

dominique eichi said...

great wisdom passed on .................. merci