Friday, September 4, 2009

Another Satisfied Customer

Come on now, I don't hold my mouth like that!
Mistah Chu Pet Portrait
Oil on Canvas

Mistah Chu received his portrait yesterday, and the pupp-arazzi were there to record the official unveiling. This handsome young man lives in Arizona with his mom and dad, who are there to wait upon him hand and paw. I painted little Chu-Man for his mother, Marsha, who won a contest on my Facebook page by identifying a "mystery" pug portrait I posted a few weeks ago. Congratulations Marsha! I hope you enjoy your painting of Mistah Chu. Don't tell Howard Pee Pugpants I said this, but Chu is the most handsome puggy I've ever seen...! I always know when a portrait is complete when Howie starts barking at it on my easel. He says it's something about the eyes following him around the room that gets on his last nerve.
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