Friday, July 10, 2009

Houston We Have Launch!

I'm pleased as punch to be in the juried Daily Painters of Texas group, and the Web site launched today! Saddle up and mosey on over and take a look at this truckload of amazing talent. Texas contemporary artist Laurie Justus Pace has spearheaded the creation of the group and used her own artistic genius to help get us organized.

Our first group show will be in October at the Dutch Art Gallery so stay tuned or check out the web site for more info. You can subscribe to the postings via Google and join our growing group of Followers at the Blog Site. Hope to see you there!!!

YEEEEEEHAWWWWWWW!!! *windows rattle*

Studio Assistant Howard Pee Pugpants Gets His
Cowboy on for the Daily Painters of Texas!


Laura said...

That's the cutest little cowboy in Texas! Yeeeee Haw!

Unknown said...

Congratulations Nancy! Now git along lil' doggies and get a couple of blue ribbons!

Art with Liz said...

I had to get my mind around all the Texas slang and say jolly well done Nancy!

Unknown said...

Laura, knowing you have at one time or another forced your babies to wear articles of clothing, I shall take that as a compliment. ; )

Sheila, your comment cracked me up. It is so great to laugh first thing in the morning. You always add such a bright spot to my day.

Liz, I should have provided the official translation button in that post for my friends from across the pond. Texas slang is certainly an acquired taste! xxxooo

Unknown said...

What a handsome cowboy you are, Howie! I have missed seeing that puggie face!

Archie and Melissa said...

oh how exciting nancy!
i am off to check it out and i LOVE that picture of howie pee!

Kelly said...

I've just stumbled across this picture of my Howie as a cowboy.

* THUD *

Pearl has fainted.