Friday, July 3, 2009

Flying the Colors

Flying the Colors
Oil on Canvas

Flying is my entry for the Fourth of July show at The Good Art Company Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas. We will be celebrating the weekend holiday at Flower Mound Studio snuggling a little pug who is recuperating from knee surgery. Studio assistant Howard Pee Pugpants is not an easy patient, he likes to tell me exactly how he feels about everything, and a morning in the crate wearing the cone of shame separated from kitchen activities is not his cup of tea. Dad will take him into the den for a nap on his lap in front of the TV, and we are hoping he will adjust to his six week confinement very soon.

I hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend splashing around in an ice cold lake or lounging under a fan with a frosty glass of fresh squeezed lemonade. Have a safe Fourth!


Becky said...

6 weeks, oh my! Was that for a luxating patella? Sending lots of healing wishes for Howie!!!

Happy 4th of July to ya'll, too!

Linda O'Neill said...

Beautiful painting...with luscious, earthy colors!

Hope H.P.P. recovers well from his knee surgery...poor little man. Maisie and I send kissies!

A New England Life said...

Poor Howie, how is he supposed to have fun on the 4th when he's down for the count? Life just isn't fair sometimes : (

There's that sweet lady Swan right on your page! She sure is a beauty!

Happy 4th to you and Carlos! Homemade lemonade sounds delish right now!


Laura said...

Hoping your holiday weekend is relaxing and healing for your sweet puggy!

Manon said...

OMG....... Howie has a satellite dish on? Poor baby!
Otis and I send him big kisses!

Happy 4th!

Archie and Melissa said...

howie peeeee
this here is emmy pants!
here is what i do to get lots of pity food and extra sympathy when recovering...
1. drama = good
2. pathetic = good
3. bumping into things = good

milk it howie!

we love you! you are our hero!


Manon said...

Left you an award Nancy! Nothing to do but enjoy it!

Jean Levert Hood said...

I hope you had a great 4th, Nancy, and please give a special little hug to Howard!