Thursday, March 25, 2010

Flowers That Brave the Texas Heat

Hidden Treasures Geraniums by Nancy Medina


Oil on Canvas

This little geranium painting is going to a new home Sunday, and since the winter is officially over in Texas, I thought it would be fun to re-visit this post from July 2009 - enjoy some summer flowers with me!

Geraniums are so tough, these survived the mild winter and returned
to bloom again on our deck this summer. They love the dry weather.

We have two crepe myrtles in our back yard. One is struggling,
but this one has a full head of purple blossoms. The more
sun the better for these guys. nodp

I think these are ragdoll sunflowers, do you know? I buy
packets of seeds and plant them every spring. Some years
they come up, sometimes our birds decide the seeds are a snack.


I confess these flowers are blooming at my mom's house
in East Texas. I wish I could grow them like she can. Her climate
is a bit more conducive to beautiful blossoms.

I transplanted these sunflowers from seedlings into a new
planter box by our back fence. I love how they look against
the worn wood slats of the fence, don't you?
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