Thursday, July 9, 2009

Agapanthus Trio

Agapanthus Trio
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Nancy Medina Art

It may be 100 degrees in Dallas today, but we did have a nice, wet spring, and I've noticed some of our neighbors have successfully blossoming agapanthus in their beds. Carlos and I like to take long walks to the duck pond early in the morning on weekends, and no one's yard is exempt from our scrutiny.
Sunday we were taking our usual stroll when we spotted our friends who have an elderly pug named Jenny so we stopped to give Jenny a pat. They were talking with another neighbor who looked pretty distraught - when we saw why, it was easy to understand. Her roof was entirely charred. Fireworks had landed on her house the night before and her home was ruined. She said the smoke billowed three feet up from the floor so quickly, she could not find her shy kitty, and she was very worried because her kitty had run outside and had not been found yet.

She was exhausted and all of her clothes and furniture downstairs were unusable. She had been taken to the hospital the night before for smoke inhalation. I thought about her when we got home that same evening, and the kids across the street started shooting off fireworks again. Like most cities, it is illegal to shoot fireworks in Flower Mound's city limits. I had visions of fireworks landing on our roof and could hardly sleep that night. I sure hope her kitty found its way home.
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