Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Texas-Sized Welcome for James Parker

The Entrance to James'
New Mile-Long Driveway

James Parker's New Neighbors and
Potential Main Course
for the Upcoming Hoe Down

You may have heard by now that our friend James Parker has decided to settle back down right here in Tejas. James, here is a little tune to welcome you home . The only things required to live in Texas are a functioning air conditioner, some dusty cowboy boots, and inflecting three additional syllables to every one-syllable word.

How on earth an expatriate can leave Texas and then return and immediately pick the most idyllic spot in the entire state on the first try baffles me, or maybe I'm just jealous as heck. I was tickled pink to hear from James last week, and he said he has good news for all his bloggy pals. He is back on Wifi, Pokey and Taco Belle love their new home, and he has already got his art in the local galleries in this Central Texas mecca. James we have missed you, you always give us such a smile.

I am hoping a whole slew of us can caravan out for a summer paintout at James' hacienda soon. Please stop over and help to welcome him back to the blogosphere! This calls for a hoe down!!!
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