Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Studio Assistant Anniebelly Bossybritches

Me and Annie

Annie is my constant companion, my little velcro pug, and my number one studio assistant. A tiny mole on her back doubled in size over the last few weeks so we took her for surgery yesterday. Annie is doing very well and safe and sound back at home, but has a huge incision. Fortunately, she has 2 new toys, a new bed, and an all-soft food buffet of Merrick's buffalo stew to reward her for the vet-induced hardships she had to endure.

Annie was incredibly brave throughout her ordeal and she only whimpered a little bit last night after she came home from surgery. In true puggy form, she perked right up at the mention of supper.

Annie reports she will be back up to full puggy speed within a few days, so that the production cycle quota at Flower Mound Studio will not be impacted. What a relief to have such a dedicated studio assistant employee on the job.
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