Monday, June 29, 2009

Settler's Crossing

White Iris Garden
Dallas Arboretum
Oil on Canvas

Settler's Crossing
Fredericksburg, TX

Resident CritterSheep

Brighty the Donkey and his Herd

More please!

On the Grounds

The brightest blooms

There is nothing more exciting than 10 days of vacation stretching out in front of you and a trip to the Fredericksburg art gallery on the agenda. Carlos and I will be loading the truck with new artwork to deliver to The Good Art Company tomorrow. Traveling companion and studio assistant Anniebelly will join us for a visit to Settler's Crossing, one of our favorite pet-friendly places to stay in Fredericksburg.

I'm looking forward to seeing the official hosts and hostesses of Settler's Crossing, Brighty the donkey and his herd of sheep. The last time we stayed there we became friends with Brighty and his flock, as well as Sam the cabin kitty.

All of the critters had us trained in fairly short order. We bought the herbivores a fresh batch of veggies every afternoon from the market so they could be hand fed each afternoon. Sam enjoyed his very own case of Fancy Feast. We left quite a few cans for the next cabin residents when we vacated the premises. As we rolled our suitcases out to the car, Sam protested rather loudly. I suspect he realized the next residents might not be so vigilant about the Fancy Feast schedule as we were.

Sam the Cabin Kitty Enjoys Fancy Feast

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