Saturday, June 13, 2009

Images From the Storm and Pink Petals

Dallas Arboretum Hydrangeas
Oil on Canvas

This is a common sight throughout Flower Mound today - broken trees and downed fences. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the storm, but weather folks think that at least a few tornadoes touched down in our neighborhood.

The storm blew in really quickly, we had about five minutes from the time the tornado sirens went off to the moment the tornadoes touched down. The weather guys were most worried about the little "horns" pointing out from the storm clouds, especially on the leading edge. This is where the tornadoes form.

Thanks to everyone who sent good thoughts our way. The piggypugs and I are doing really well and Carlos was at work that night in Irving. He and his coworkers stood and watched the wall of clouds over Flower Mound descend to ground level and then begin turning in a giant rotation. I yelled at him for standing by the windows in the storm, but I probably would have wanted to see that, too!
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