Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tulips and Gallery Tours

Purple Tulip Dancers
8X10, Oil on Canvas

Here's my display at the Stems Gallery in historic
Grapevine, Texas. Stems Gallery is across the
street from my favorite bakery, where they
serve fresh croissants and handmade pastries.


This is Sandy, the official greeter at
Stems Gallery. She loves people and takes
her job as congenial hostess very seriously
with tailwags and happy smiles for everyone
who stops by.

Stems Gallery is known for its beautiful hand-painted
wooden flowers shipped from an artist in
Laguna Beach, California. I love how Pat, the gallery
owner, has arranged flowers in front of all of
the original paintings in the store.

Thanks for joining me for a tour of Stems! If you are ever in Grapevine, please stop in and say howdy to Pat for me. Sandy is waiting for your visit!


Angela Elledge said...

You make me wish I could paint flowers! The gallery photos are beautiful and your paintings are so warm and inviting!

I got your e-mail and have added the info to the directory list. Some of the group got together for a little impromptu painting yesterday, I couldn't make it for painting, but they called me and convinced us to come over for dinner last night; it was a great time. We're going to try and paint the 2nd Sat of June, so look for an e-mail from me. Take care.

Laura said...

You must be thrilled to see your gorgeous paintings displayed so beautifully!

Kim VanDerHoek said...

I like how you changed your brushwork a little in this, it compliments the feel of the tulips very nicely.

Your paintings in the gallery look amazing! And the white Iris painting in your last post is stunning! I'm glad to see you fleshing out your Etsy shop a bit more. I'm sure you will find even more success there as soon as you shop is filled out.

I hope you are feeling better!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Nancy
How can everyone of your paintings be my favorite? We cannot believe these tulips. Moms say they want to fill their veins with your paintings.
The Sumflowers- look at their faces!
They make us want to dance in the moonlight with a cider drink- and the poppy (is is right) so beautiful. What gifted hands you have.
tweedles said...

I love your brushwork on the tulips and the colors are brilliant. You are on a roll, and your work in the gallery is very impressive . I wouldn't be able to choose a favorite painting. I love them all.
Have a great day.

Becky said...

Just love your work so much! Always beautiful!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
oh your exhibit is gorgeous!
i am so proud of you! how many new galleries have you joined this year?
great work nancy! not only are you a master marketer, but you keep all of your shows filled with gorgeous art!

Manon said...

Aww! Your work looks fantastic at the gallery! So colorful and full of life!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind words ladies!

Angela I have got a date on the calendar hoping we can paint outdoors in 2 weeks! Can't wait, I'm just itching to get all expert at plein aire. ; )

Thanks Miss Laura, it really is fun to see my work out in public instead of hanging in my mom's house. hee hee

Kim, I am following your lead on Etsy lady! *crossing fingers and toes* I love your new birds, the little perched painting is adorning my studio.

Tweedles, we are in awe of your house and the wild woods near where you live. Do you really live in such a beautiful place? Watch out for the wild critters, cuteypug!

Joan, thank you, your words are so encouraging to me and I love visiting your blog to see what new flowers you are creating.

Manon, your portraits are amazing, was your last one a self portrait? I love the texture you put in that one.

Thank you for your encouragement Becky!

Miss Melissa and EmmyPants, I am in five galleries now! One of them will be for online only sales. I sure hope the economy stays strong for each of them. It is really amazing to see how much each gallery owner has a passion for art and for their artists, and all the hard work they put into their galleries. Hey, this would make a great blog post idea! thanks!!!

Patty said...

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! Your work is beautiful, and inspires me to try my hand at florals. You're a gem!

christine said...

I love the Purple Tulip Dancers! It really looks like these beautiful flowers are gently swaying to the music.