Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Garden

The garden I planted to honor the memory of Winnifred Wigglepants is in full bloom, thanks to the heavy rains we've had this spring. The sunflowers won't bloom for another four to six weeks, but the day lilies, geraniums, tea roses and gerbers are clamoring for the Most Colorful Flower Award.

Winnie Wiggles was my little velcro pug, and followed me everywhere. I love the picture I took of her years ago next to my red geraniums.

My husband bought this plant, although I don't know what it is called, the tiny flowers bloom only in the early morning.

I'm thrilled the hydrangeas are blooming this year despite the heat last summer. Amazing what a grocery store plant can survive if it puts its mind to it and you water it enough.

I wish the day lilies lasted longer. I found a tiny praying mantis baby lounging in these blossoms yesterday. I will try to post a picture of it later, if it turns out.

I'm not sure what kind of tree this is, the landscapers planted it three years ago. Do you? These mopheads of bright white blossoms are glorious in the spring.

I love the backlit blossoms. I got my courage up and painted some backlit hydrangea blossoms for a commission last winter and was tickled at how much fun they were to do.

I remember in grade school, I wore red pants and an orange shirt to school one day. I loved those colors together. They probably looked ridiculous on me, but my garden wears them quite well, don't you think?

The hibiscus thrives in Texas, if you remember to water it in the heat of the summer.

Purple, orange, red and yellow all thrown together. I really need to organize my palette better, don't you think? I hope you enjoyed strolling through the garden with me in memory of Winnie Wiggles this morning. Enjoy your holiday weekend, dear friends.
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