Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hope - Pug Rescue

Hope and Hollyhocks
Oil on Linen Board

The Good Art Company

When I'm not painting like a crazy person or playing with my four-footed studio assistants, I spend time volunteering for Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue. Like most animal rescues in the nation, we hit a tough spot last month, with the dogs coming in faster than we could locate foster families for them. Many families are giving up pets right now because they can't afford the vet or feeding costs. The situation is heartbreaking.

Little Willie the One Eared Pug
Looking for Someone to Adore Him
Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue

The good news is, the moment these little puggies come to us, for many no matter how old they are, this is the first day of the best part of their lives - from this point on they are lavished with love, attention, and care. I still stay in touch with most of the families who adopted my fosters, and it is such a delight when I get a phone call from Jennifer to tell me Oscar the Pug's latest "Oscarism" or from Julie to tell that Mister Pug has learned how to play hide and seek with her.

If you cannot donate money to an animal rescue near you, please consider giving a little time, maybe there is something they desperately need you are uniquely qualified to provide. We are always looking for marketing and help with getting the word out. Many rescues are in desperate need of help keeping their web sites functioning. And most rescues always need foster families - the lifelines that help us get the dog or cat out of the pound or kill shelter and into a safe haven until a furever family can be found for them. Sheila and Carrie have found a wonderful way to give by launching the Art for Animals Project blog. If you are an artist, here is a perfect way to paw-ticipate!

I hope that every dog or cat in need finds a loving home. It is my prayer every night that the angels will watch over them and deliver them to safety.


Laura said...

I pray the same thing, Nancy!

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Nancy, First of all, beautiful Hollyhocks you have painted there.

I know, it is husband and I used to do Shih Tzu rescue. So many wonderful dogs looking for a home out there. I have 3 Shih Tzus and 2 of them I adopted because they were cast offs...Dudley's mom gave him up because she was having a baby and no longer could bother with him. My sweet little guy Willow (who I fell madly in love with at first site) was found wondering the big streets of NYC of all places. We adopted him from a shelter in NJ. More people really need to think about many deserving dogs out there.


Manon said...

Nancy, what you do is so terrific! I so admire you! You are not only a wonderful artist but an even better person!
BTW.... love the new painting!

bindu said...

This is good work you are doing. I hope you find homes for these little fellas real quick.

Becky said...

Wish you could send me Little Willie, he is soooo very cute! Who can resist the puggy face?? Certainly not me! You do so many good things! God bless you!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Nancy
Your Hollyhocks are so very strikingly, beautiful!

I can feel what you said is coming from your heart. Everyword is ment to be said.
You are a special angel to these dogs, to care for them and try to get them into homes. Bless you- and all those who can help.
I admire your unselfish way of loving. What a heart and soul you have,
All the little pugs say..thank you Nancy.

James Parker said...

And bless yore lil pug-pickin heart, Nancy...for having your portrait of Willie on today's (May 15) Every Photo Tells A Story. I posted my usual corny poem and credited you as the "world-known" artist (I could't get widely- acclaimed and highly-talented to fit). Great work and your flowers are stunning as usual. Plan on seeing them in Fredericksburg in person when I go to the Kerrville bash next week.

L.Holm said...

It's a wonderful cause, Nancy! I have a dear friend who's a volunteer on the board of a local rescue organization, and it is a tough time right now with the influx of pets. You are a good person for helping these wonderful dogs find loving homes.
Beautiful hollyhocks, and congrats on your EPTAS post!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
your heart shines through in everything you do!
please let me know when the next event is for DFW. i would love to doante to the raffle fundraisrer.