Saturday, May 9, 2009

Behind the Scenes at the Coronado Flower Festival

Bright Rose Trio
10X10 Oil
Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Available from The Good Art Company

After my show at Art and Frames by Wood Gallery in April on Coronado Island, California, Carlos and I paid a visit to the Coronado Flower Show in Spreckles Park. We got there super early, in time to see some of the contestants just lining up for the judges.

This was just the class four bunch. Look at all those plump petals and bright green tiaras. Have you ever seen such ravishing ladies? That big pink one on the right kept sticking her thorns into the petite yellow beauty next to her. I think it was on purpose, too.

The ladies were all jostling for their turn on the runway. Here is the staging area, where they will all rest their stems as the judges gaze upon their loveliness.

Some of the outfits were a bit over the top, but what do you expect at such a high brow occasion? This one was wearing Valentino, to be sure.

Can you imagine being born with genes like this without having to even try? This orange beauty wasn't even a competitor! She was sitting idly on a bush by the stage, a regular observer just like you or me.

This was the Queen Lateefah of roses, she measured almost 12 inches in diameter and every inch of her was glorious. There was no doubt she had been taking Miracle Gro at some point in her budding career. I wonder if the judges did any testing for substances beforehand?

We spent most of the morning snapping pictures, careful not to touch any of the contestants or smudge their shiny leaves. I could have stayed all day, if some gentleman in a green apron hadn't booted us out after discovering we were not judges or jurors.

Turns out the show wasn't open to the public until 11 am! Oopsie! So there it is, the scoop for you, from behind the scenes. Here are some videos of another part of the show, the homefront winners - Video of the home front winners. Enjoy!


Ruth Welter said...

Beautiful rose painting Nancy. Ow, that rose show looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your photos.


Laura said...

That orange one gave me goosebumps! How gorgeous! I had an aunt and uncle that grew roses like you wouldn't believe! They belonged to the rose society and entered shows all the time. My aunt made the most beautiful bouquets with her roses. Thanks for bringing back that memory for me!

Becky said...

I would love to have a garden filled with all thse gorgeous roses. The Queen Lateefah was out of this world!

A New England Life said...

Everything about this post is beautiful Nancy! The video has some gorgeous homes too! I want flowers like that outside my house. Better let hubby know so he can get to work ; )

L.Holm said...

LOL!! Oh, Nancy, you made my weekend with your commentary. You are so funny! Glad you and your hubby were early gate crashers and you got to get up close and personal w/these lovelies to get their photos.

Your painting is joyous and such luscious color.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Nancy
Thank you for sharring the beautiful flower show. I bet the smell was the sweetest. It is hard to pick a favorite- isn't it? I keep changing my mind on my favorites. Sometimes its orange, sometimes its yellow. Glad you had a good time watching the flowers stroll down their fashion runway aisle.
Your painting is so gorgeous. My mommie was talking to a co worker in Texas at Quest Diagnostics and she thinks your studio is across from the lab. Mommmie was telling her friend about you being a famous artist.
Happy Mothers Day

Angela Elledge said...

I love the softness in the Rose Trio painting, beautiful!

You and Carlos must have looked quite official taking pictures before you got kicked out. :-) said...

Oh Nancy, what a beautiful painting of roses. I just received my dvd of Painting roses, by Robert Johnson. It's wonderful.

I loved the Flower Festival photos they were amazing.

Have a great day.

Unknown said...

Amazing!! Thank you for sharing this lovely afternoon with us! What a feast for the eyes and senses!

Kim VanDerHoek said...

Really beautiful painting Nancy! And what a great show to get inspiration from. Too bad you were discovered and booted.

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

The rose painting is beautiful...and I enjoyed your "tour" of the rose must have looked "official"...and I wish I could vote for the house with the American flag on the stood out among all of the other houses because of Old Glory...

Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
what an amazing painting and fun story! you always make me smile!