Monday, April 13, 2009

Puggy Makes an Escape But is Brought Home Safely

This is me, professional artist in my Pug-Casso
apron with green paint on my face. You can't
see the facepaint in this picture. My husband let
me walk around like that all day.

The finished demo piece:
Warm Welcome, 36X36
Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

I promise I have not dropped off the face of the earth. The good news is, the galleries want more art. The bad news is, it's hard to keep up with my bloggy when I am painting and traveling to galleries!

I also had some scary moments last weekend when Howard Pee Pugpants decided to strike out on his own for a little adventure in the neighborhood. We were having work done on our exterior fence Friday when Howie decided he could actually squeeze his fat self through the bars of the interior fence for the first time.

The angels were vigilant that day, since our wonderful neighbor Alan and his little dog Tony were out in their front yard. Alan, who just happened to have a treat in his hand, lured Mister Howard over and nabbed him for us. Good neighbors are worth their weight in gold.

Alan does not know it, but there is a new painting that is gift wrapped and soon to be delivered to his house. This Easter, I am thankful for so much. Happy painting to all of you dear painty pals. I wish you peace and much beautiful color this spring!

Howard, safely home from his grand adventure.


L.Holm said...

Oh, my gosh, you must have been panic stricken!! That adventuresome Howard! Good neighbors are precious, indeed. Congrats on getting more work into your galleries! (And green paint suits you) : )

Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
oh my gosh! your new painting is amazing! i love that it was your demo and it is a masterpiece. you are amazing.

alan is going to be so excited for your painting that he will start luring howie out everyday! :)

m and ep

Archie and Melissa said...

ps i am so proud of you and all of your success!


Unknown said...

I have to agree with Melissa - soon your neighbors will be luring Howie and gang out to receive a painting from you... .. Hey! Wait a minute - I'm driving to your neighborhood and carrying howie-treats with me : )

I'm so happy for you that you keep busy, busy, busy!!

Good luck in SD!

Val's Dragonfly Whimsy said...

Hi Nancy, good to hear your adorable doggy is back home safely - your neighbour will be over the moon when he recieves one of your beautiful paintings (what a lovely thank you gift) - and you look "smashing in your photo, green paint and all" - cheers Val

Manon said...

Congrats on your success Nancy! The new painting is lovely!!
I'm glad Howie didn't get far!! I can't believe he made it through the!

Laura said...

It's fun to see a picture of you doing your thing! Love the painting - you are so talented!

A New England Life said...

How I long to come visit you Nancy and smell your studio. One day I do hope to get there so we can sit on the back porch and have a tall glass of ice tea.

Do what you have to do, the internet tends to consume our lives. I shouldn't have asked you to join Twitter : /

Hugs to Mr. Howie

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Your new painting is so beautiful!
You are so blessed in that Howie is safe, but not only that. You have a dream that you do everyday. A passion that makes your heart sing. You are so lucky. And you touch so many people in your paintings as they look at the petals at the flowers, it makes us feel alive. You touch many. You touch us.

Unknown said...

Howard has the "who me?" expression down pat.

I am amazed that your apron lookes absolutely pristine. I love the photos that show you working with battleground war paint!

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

...I love your new painting...its beautiful...and Howard must have been having an "excellent adventure" visiting his neighbor...

Jean Levert Hood said...

oh, that is wonderful that the wayward one returned!
Treats work for A Lot of things!

Beautiful painting, Nancy, and I am so thrilled for your success in the new galleries - such wonderful news!

Hugs to the Pugs, with a special one to Howard.

Angela Elledge said...

Hello Nancy - Well, I just think you need to put that little Howard boy to work, he obviously has more free time on his paws than you do. I'm glad to hear that the galleries are begging for more. I can't wait to see your new paintings. Happy painting and traveling!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

AUUGGHH! What a nightmare! Good thing you have TWO fences! I can totally understand your fears. Thank goodness for your good neighbor. Now you can get back to painting! How wonderful that the galleries want more of your work! You GO girl!

Donna said...

Oh my goodness, my heart races when I think of one of the dogs getting loose. That's a horrible feeling. I'm so happy Howard is safe.

Your painting is wonderful, Nancy. Love it!

Hugs to you and the little fatties, and have a happy week!

Linda O'Neill said...

BEAUTIFUL painting, Nancy...but naughty Howie!

Maisie used to escape all the time when we first moved here...scared me to death. I'm glad the little vixen isn't as sly about getting out and chasing bunnies around the hood anymore. I have fewer gray hairs coming in now too. Whew!

Kim VanDerHoek said...

Howard looks so innocent in his mug-shot..."What, were you worried about me?"

Beautiful job finishing this painting! I'm hoping to make it to San Diego to see your work in person this summer.

Hill Country House Girl said...

So glad Howard is home safely. I have had the same experience with Buddy, my mutt baby. I have yet to get to the Good Art Company but I am determined. Tried last week but they were closed when I got there - after 5:00 I am afraid. I am adding you to my blog list so I can keep up with all your adventures!

Unknown said...

This painting, I agree, is a masterpiece. So many things to see here.
And I'm glad about Howard being safely back. This look, wonderful picture. He looks a bit proud,I think.