Monday, April 13, 2009

Puggy Makes an Escape But is Brought Home Safely

This is me, professional artist in my Pug-Casso
apron with green paint on my face. You can't
see the facepaint in this picture. My husband let
me walk around like that all day.

The finished demo piece:
Warm Welcome, 36X36
Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

I promise I have not dropped off the face of the earth. The good news is, the galleries want more art. The bad news is, it's hard to keep up with my bloggy when I am painting and traveling to galleries!

I also had some scary moments last weekend when Howard Pee Pugpants decided to strike out on his own for a little adventure in the neighborhood. We were having work done on our exterior fence Friday when Howie decided he could actually squeeze his fat self through the bars of the interior fence for the first time.

The angels were vigilant that day, since our wonderful neighbor Alan and his little dog Tony were out in their front yard. Alan, who just happened to have a treat in his hand, lured Mister Howard over and nabbed him for us. Good neighbors are worth their weight in gold.

Alan does not know it, but there is a new painting that is gift wrapped and soon to be delivered to his house. This Easter, I am thankful for so much. Happy painting to all of you dear painty pals. I wish you peace and much beautiful color this spring!

Howard, safely home from his grand adventure.

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