Saturday, April 25, 2009

Painting on Coronado Island

I was a little nervous when we got to Coronado Island - my first
one-woman art show and on short notice, too.
The gallery went all out to advertise my visit!
I've never had my name on a banner
before. Is this cool or what?

When Carlos and I arrived at our hotel, Jill Hardman,
had this delivered for us, plus a bag of yummy treats.

My 36X48 painting, After the Rain, was on display
in the front window of the gallery on Orange Avenue.

This is just inside the front door of the gallery, my paintings
were visible from the street. The gallery was right next door to a
Starbucks, too. I took a note from art guru Linda Blondheim's
manual and did some guerilla marketing and hung flyers there!

Here's a peek through the front door of the gallery from
the sidewalk just outside.

Art and Frame by Wood Gallery is over 20 years old and
is a mainstay in the busy downtown area of Coronado Island, CA.
The building used to be a home. This is another of my paintings
just above the fireplace in the gallery's main room.

Here's the lovely lady responsible for the success of the gallery,
owner Jill Hardman. Can you imagine owning a gallery and living
on Coronado Island? What a dream come true...

This is me, getting my supplies set up for
painting in the garden in the back of the gallery.
See the little beads of nervous perspiration
sliding down my wrinkley noggin?

Nancy, the owner of the Crown City Antique and
Tea Parlor next door, supplied these yummy
refreshments. Jasmine tea and sandwiches made from
her family's secret recipe! Thanks Nancy!

There was a little bird serenading me when I
set up that morning. I think he was the official
Coronado Island Bird Greeting Committee chairbird.

Jill and Glenn and the gallery folks had set up some of
my small paintings around the garden.

After the big event, I got to have dinner with friends
who had come all the way from Arizona! Anne Marie,
Barbara, and Steve joined Jill and Carlos and I for
some wonderful Asian cuisine. I was famished!

Thanks for joining me for my art show
on Coronado Island. The weather was perfect,
the company was grand, and the gallery was
awesome. I will be back next year! I hope you
can come again!

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