Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jacque's Geraniums

Jacquie's Geraniums
Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas - SOLD

Jacque's Geraniums is a commission I finished a few days ago. Soon it will find a permanent home on Jacque's kitchen countertop - she stopped by my booth at the Dallas Arboretum Artscape last week and fell in love with my painting, Spring Soiret, a breezy version that is on display in my portfolio book. If you have an art event, I highly recommend ordering a small portfolio book from Shutterfly. These are much nicer than art portfolio photo albums with pictures that slip and slide around and fade with time.

Jacque wanted a similar painting in a smaller size she could fit into her space and this one was created just for her. I hope it gives her years of smiles! I love creating these little works, they are studies for my larger paintings and give me a mental break from a couple of 3 foot wide paintings that will ship out to California next week.


Kim VanDerHoek said...

Jacquie is very lucky, this is beautiful. The composition creates many interesting shapes and I always love seeing how you manage to put the focus on the blooms.

Great advice about the photo book. I wish I'd thought of it before the show this weekend. I'll have to order one for next time.

Christine's Arts said...

Thanks for the tip Nancy, I'd like to do shows eventually. Do you think I have it in me?

Unknown said...

Absolutely, Christine - if you have not already, visit the shows you are thinking of attending in advance so you can get a feel for what "works" for that location and audience. keep me posted and good luck!

Jill Berry said...

Exceptional job on this one, love the soft edges. The hydrangeas in the last post - very nice. "Orange Zest" and "Painty Ladies" also stand out. And yes I recognized one lady as a new visitor to my blog. Thanks for checking mine out. And thanks for the photo-journey of the Arboretum Artscape show. Wow, to all that color in one frame!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Jacquie is a very lucky lady! Your florals are just beautiful, Nancy.

those are huge paintings - 3 feet! How are you shipping them?

Hugs to the Pugs!

Unknown said...

Hi Jean, I have large pieces of foamboard insulation cut at Home Depot, it has a nice slick coating that doesn't grab the paint. I usually ship two large paintings at the same time, face to face, with one sheet of foam board in the middle and two more pieces of foam board, one on the back and one on the front. Hope that is helpful! I learned this from my good friend Filomena Booth, a very successful Texas artist who sells and ships quite a bit from her Ebay store.
sending hugs to you down south today!