Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunflower Trio and Pug Puppy Visits

Sunflower Trio
Oil on Canvas

Linus the Pug Puppy demonstrates
the shoe tug maneuver

All the studio assistants are laying about on pillows sawing logs. The fatties are tuckered out. They've had healthy portions of canned venison stew for lunch and a visit from Linus the pug puppy, who dropped by to try on a new harness. It fit quite well despite his fat little belly! Now his mom says he is ready for an afternoon walk.

How on earth am I going to get anything done in the studio today when all the help is on siesta? It's quite clear a team meeting is in order at the Medina Foster Home for Wayward Pugs. Just as soon as they wake up. Maybe we should have Linus pop in again to shake things up a bit.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Nancy
we came for a little visit to see what is growing in your garden and art pallet now. Beautiful sunflowers , some of my moms favorites. We took a little your again and waited for the fatties and Linus to come out and play. but guess they are zzzzzzing. We grow lots of sunflowers- thank you for painting those- it makes those little flowers feel so proud. We read the storied too

Laura said...

The eyes on Linus will melt your heart - what a cutie!

Manon said...

You are the queen of the sunflowers!! Beautiful colors!
Linus is so adorable! I want to pick him up and give him a big kiss!

Unknown said...

love the sunflower!!
And Linus is a cutie pie!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Between the beauty of your sunflowers and the laughs from the pugs, well, I just love your blog!!

Hugs to the Pugs!

bindu said...

Lovely sunflowers. And look at those puppy eyes! How can your resist?!

Donna said...

Hi Nancy,
Linus is so cute. How fun being surrounded by pugs!

I love your new painting. The colors are beautiful.


James Parker said...

Hola, Nancy and Linus! Dis masterbuddy, stinkyfeet is painting. He rote a nice pome about you and Tweedles and Emmitt on Every Photo Tells A Story, March 16. It's kinda neet. I like dem flowers, too...makes me wanna go dig up a garden somewhere.

Christine's Arts said...

Your pugs and you are such good friends. How sweet! Love your blog and these sunflowers.

Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
oh linus is getting so big!
what a wonderful weekend!
m & ep said...

Heartwarming, sun flowers and Linus.I miss my little Jasmine, only one left is Mac, 125lb. Shiloh shepherd.

Valerie said...

This is so precious...I amy just have to borrow it!!!