Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sunflower Sideshow and East Texas Bluebonnets

Summer Wish

Oil on Canvas


The Artscape Show at the Dallas Arboretum is coming up. I love these little gallery wrapped canvases, and I pre-treat mine with transparent orange. The paint glides over the underpainting, and gives the final painting a little more life and glow. In this image, you can see at the top how the painting continues around the edge to give a 3-D effect.

Winter has officially vacated the premises in Texas, and I am crossing my fingers and toes that all the rain last week will make my sunflowers thrive this summer and give us some bluebonnets this spring. Some of the most amazing bluebonnet fields grow 7 miles from my mom's organic farm in East Texas. I haven't painted many bluebonnet landscapes in the past, but may break out the pochade box and brave the heat and mosquitoes and chiggers this spring, if the blooms make their appearance as hoped.

I leave you this morning with a picture of my angel, Winnifred Wigglepants, who went to the Rainbow Bridge last January following a brave fight with GME encephalitis. This photo was taken two years ago in May in the bluebonnet fields in Kemp, Texas, not far from where I grew up.

Winnie Wiggles, The Jiggliest Angel


Hill Country House Girl said...

Nancy, Thanks so much for your visit to hill country house. You and your blogs, AND your dogs, are the cutest things!! I couldn't decide which blog to comment on! I have got to visit the Good Art Company! I pass it every day on my way to the post office, but am usually caught up in the "chores" of the day and don't make the time to stop.I am doing it this week!!

Becky said...

You know how I LOVE your sunflowers! I'm going to plant some, my only problem is the dogs tear up my flowers in the planter. That picture of Winnie is so very cute and I know you miss her terribly. I have 2 pugs at the bridge and my Fuji is 10+ now. She is doing well but just can't imagine life without her. All my dogs are getting older and this makes me sad.

Manon said...

You are the best at these sunflowers! They make me think of summer and the warm sun!
That picture of Winnie is lovely! I know how much you miss her! I think of my two furry boys all the time!

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Your paintings are excellent.

Jean Levert Hood said...

The very best to you for the show, Nancy! Your sunflowers are sooo awesome.

Those little faces are just adorable. How you must miss those you've lost.

Take care, and Hugs to the Pugs!

James Parker said...

Anxious to see those bluebonnets, Nancy. But your sunflowers are super. I'm sorry I got the names mixed up on my poem on Ed's "Going Home" painting on Monday's Every Photo Tells a Story...I let Manon borrow Linus from you, while Otis stayed home. For a dog lover like me, I find that rePUGnant. P.S. Next time ya drop by, click Daily Pain Things in the top left corner.

Unknown said...

Wow!!!! What a feast for the eyes this painting is. You have such a gift to be able to bring more beauty into our world. HUGS!

Art with Liz said...

Beautiful sunflowers! As usual!

I love your Winnie! When I met Stig and Yoshi I fell for the Pugs and love it when you put up pics of yours.

Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
i love how these beautiful paintings just seem to glide off of your brushes.

you are so inspiring.

i love seeing winnie. she always makes me smile. what a special puggy. she continues to touch everyone who meets you. your love for her is a special gift to all of us.

m & ep

Kim VanDerHoek said...

Beautiful sunflowers! I love their shaggy heads. Your paintings always inspire me.

And Winnie was darling! So cute among the bluebonnets. I've always liked pugs though I've never owned one. They seem like they have such big personalities compared to their physical size.

Thanks for the compliments on my recent painting. I don't know why Etsy said it was sold because it isn't - weird. But no pressure, I just happy you liked it!

Good luck at the show this weekend. I hope you have loads of sales. And if I lived nearby I would be there to say hello and see your beautiful work in person.

Anonymous said...

I love the sunflowers! Truly an amazing flower...durable, functional and beautiful.
Winnifred Wigglepants is too adorable!!