Friday, March 20, 2009

A New Gallery and a California Homecoming

Nancy and Studio Assistant Anniebelly

"After the Rain"
Oil on Canvas

This morning After the Rain will arrive on Coronado Island, California, at its new gallery home, Art and Frames by Wood Gallery. Moving my art to Southern California is a homecoming of the heart, since my husband Carlos and I are former residents there. Gallery owner Jill Hardman said she will be featuring my large floral garden paintings in conjunction with the April Coronado Flower Show. If you are in the San Diego neighborhood in the future, take the Duck Boat tour on over to the Island and stop by the gallery and tell Jill howdy! I can hardly wait to meet Jill, and Trish and Glenn at the gallery in person.

If that is not reason enough to head out for a visit, one of my best friends, Mindy, lives in San Diego, along with her two fattypugs, Elvis and Dandy. Elvis is quite famous in puggy circles, as the model pug for the No Pug Left Behind emblem for pug rescue. Elvis had to use a wheelchair when he lost the use of his back legs after eating some of the tainted dog food from a few years ago. Elvis has since regained the use of his back legs, so he is a little miracle pug. It just goes to show what the unconditional love and the care of a good pug mom can achieve.

Elvis and Dandy after a day on Coronado Island
with his mom, Mindy, and Aunt Nancy and Uncle Carlos


Manon said...

I would love to see this painting in person! It's incredible in the photograph!
Elvis and Dandy are so sweet! Elvis is truly a miracle pug!
Have a great weekend Nancy!!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the new gallery and being featured in Coronado! I'm sooooo happy for you! The painting looks lovely - I should have driven over to see it before you shipped it off but I'm sure it's magnificent!
Good luck at the Artscape I plan to be there to say hello!

Laura said...

Way to go on being in the gallery, Nancy! Soon we'll see you in galleries all across the U.S.! Have a fun trip.

Unknown said...

oooo..... so close and yet still need to plan a couple or several day to get down there. congrats on the new gallery! Any gallery would be lucky to show your beautiful work!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh how gorgeous a painting! That musyt be site to see it hanging in all its glory.
And the sweet puppies- what adorable little happy faces.
Before I was born my moms had a pug that was in a wheel chair- she had a heart of gold like Elvis

Unknown said...

Beautiful floral!
Good luck in your new gallery!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
oh congratulations!

you are in art galleries everywhere! i am soooo proud of you!

i love elvis, dandy and mindy! i cannot wait to see them when i go to san diego in may!

i will have to go to the gallery and see you paintings in person!


Becky said...

What a gorgeous painting. The colors are so bright and really grab your eye. Congrats on spreading your art across the U.S. Get some on down here to Florida! All the pugs are so cute, of course I have never seen a bad looking pug!

LydiaAndPugs said...

Hi there! My name is Dawn, and I am a fellow pug lover! I came across you blog, so cute! I recently started blogging, my blog is: I also have an Etsy shop of dog/pug stationery, Hopefully we can be friends! By the way you have beautiful paintings! I love the picture of you and your pug together, so sweet! said...

Nancy, what a beautiful painting. Congratulations on the new gallery.
Your little friends are so adorable, they bring such joy and happiness to a family.

Art with Liz said...

So many many congratulations on the new gallery. You deserve every accolade you get. And I'm so in love with all those Pugs!

Anonymous said...

Visiting via Jan's blog. I just love your pugs, they made me smile. Will look in again as I love flowers and gardens.

simoart said...

Your painting is lovely. What a great feeling just looking at it. Great work.

bindu said...

That's a great picture of you, your painting and little pug. Elvis and Dandy are actually smiling so cutely in that picture! Aren't we having great weather these days?

A New England Life said...

If only I were going to San Diego with Andria I would take that duck boat and head on over to the island just to see your work! But alas I will be stuck here in NH : (

Good for you Nancy in displaying your work at such a nice gallery!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

precious!! I think Kelley's getting a pug.