Monday, March 16, 2009

A Neat Collage Thingy and a Very Brave Girl

If you go to Big Huge Labs you, too, can make one of these neat collage thingies. I did one of these for the pug rescue blog and have no idea why it didn't occur to me at that time to make one for the art stuff, too!

What I really wanted to make was a collage where each image had an individual link - I thought it would be fun to put one image from every one of my favorite artists (yes, that's YOU!!!) with a link to each of your own web sites.

Does anyone know of any collage programs that can do this? Enquiring puggy moms want to know...

This is Howie's friend Pearl. Howie loves Pearl because she has got some jiggle in her wiggle, and she also makes art from poop. Pearl is from Edmond, Oklahoma, and recently had to face one of her biggest fears - nail clipping. We made this badge to salute Miss Pearl for bravery. Pearl we are so proud of you cutey!
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