Monday, March 2, 2009

Lemon Scones and Lavender

Lavender Love - Becker Vineyards
8X8 Oil on Canvas
Gallery Wrapped Canvas - SOLD

a visit to Becker Vineyards when I was in Fredericksburg, Texas, last
week. The gentleman behind the counter there told me the lavender will
be in bloom in about a month. I came home and started a series of new
lavender paintings. I hope someday to set up my easel outside the
Lavender Haus on the grounds there. I hear they have poppies, too!
If I get pictures, I promise to share them with you.

A trip to Fredericksburg, Texas, is incomplete without
a visit to the nationally acclaimed bakery, Rather Sweet!
My artistic pal Emily Leland and I sampled the
amazing pastries and breakfast muffins. Emily has opened a new
Bed and Breakfast. It is beautifully appointed
and now ranks as my absolute favorite place to
stay. Stay tuned and I'll share some pictures of Emily's
Carriage House Bed & Breakfast soon.

Am I the only person on earth who has the urge
to buy EVERYTHING in a pastry case any and
every time I stumble upon a pastry case? Rather
Sweet is a town landmark in historic Fredericksburg.
The locals walk in and step behind the counter to
pour themselves a cup of coffee and then settle down
at one of the little tables to resolve world affairs.

Things that make my heart go pitty pat.

You thought I was just kidding when I said I
was going to buy EVERYTHING in the pastry
case, didn't you? Never underestimate my
propensity to consume baked goods. I like to
tell hubby Carlos that if he REALLY loved me,
he would learn to bake pastries instead of
just cooking me dinner every night and bringing
me a hot plate to my art studio.

As if the delectible pastries and good company
were not enough, this handsome fellow was
napping right outside the door. Beau belongs to
the owner of Rather Sweet, and is a gentle soul
who allows his adoring public to pat his silky head
and photograph his charming smile. Can you imagine
if I situated one of my Pugs outside the door of
Rather Sweet? They would eat the doorframe just
so they could get inside and attack the pastry case.


A New England Life said...

Lovely Lavender Nancy. Do you buy some for yourself when it comes into bloom? Brent bought me some last summer, now I have to have it again!

Look at all those baked goods! I'm having a terrible sweet tooth today so anything in the case would do ; )

Isn't Beau beautiful. He knows life is good!

Unknown said...

Hey Miss Sharon! are you shoveling out from the snowstorm? I've never bought fresh lavender before but I definitely plan to! I hope you guys are staying warm.

Unknown said...

I love lavender, and your painting of it is divine. I would happily accompany you on a pastry-eating trip!! YUMMY. Although I try not to eat stuff like that, it just doesn't always work...

Beau - I'm in love!

Manon said...

Your lavender painting warms my heart! Unfortunately, it won't be growing here anytime soon .... it's too cold!
Looking at those pastries..... yum! I think you're so incredibly lucky that Carlos cooks you dinner every night you might be pushing it on the pastry making... lol!

Unknown said...

Hi Karine - thank you for your supportive comments on pastry eating! LOL - I hope you and Pono have some adventures planned today. I need to hop over and see what you have been up to!

Hi Manon - can you grow lavender where you live? I am so tempted to plant some and try. I'm sure if I did Howard Pee Pugpants would pee on it and ruin the effect....; )
hugs to you and Otis-Pants!

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

Hi Nancy, eat something for me at Rather Sweet. I ate there whenever I was in Fredericksburg.

My one little lavender plant is trying to survive. I love your painting and hope to have some like this.

Linda O'Neill said...

Beautiful painting, Nancy. So soft and rich at the same time.

And can I just say that my dream is to be locked in a pastry case for 24 hours!!!

Unknown said...

Peggy I am thinking POSITIVE thoughts for your little lavender plant, hoping it will thrive! Isn't Freddyburg wonderful?

Linda, ah, a pastry soulmate! You, me and the pugs, all in the pastry case eating like we are starved and crazy. What fun that would be.

bindu said...

Beautiful painting! The pastry shop looks really inviting. The fresh baked smell in these shops is one of my favourites!

Kim VanDerHoek said...

You cracked me up with this post about the baked goods Nancy! I usually avoid the pastry counter because I hate to be faced with so many choices and having to choose only one or two things. I wish bakeries would have a sampler plate where you could have a taste of everything.

Beautiful Lavender!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
oh what a wonderful post!
i was ooooing and ahhhing your amazing painting and then saying "yummy" and then "awwwww" for the sweet doggy!
how fun! thank you for sharing your wonderful trip!

Ingrid said...

Hello Nancy~ Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving the kind comments! They are appreciated. This is my first visit to your beautiful blog and I know it won't be my last. I'm now an official 'follower'. Love your work...the lavender painting is so uplifting. Just what I needed to cheer me up on a dreary Ohio morning. Hey, pass me some of that pastry please...that'll help boost my spirits too! =0) PS...adorable doggies!

Becky said...

Scones, yuuuummmm! And all that other good looking delights! I love the scent of lavender.

Unknown said...

Nancy your paintings are awesome.I used to paint.I mostly copied the masters.Arthritis took my hands and now I have a lung disease.So no more painting.But girl,you've got the talent.
I also in my side bar have a Texan pride button and a cowgirl button beneath it from Ms Dixie.You are welcome to both.please...........Ann

Jean Levert Hood said...

Lovely piece, Nancy!!

Now, that photo of you on your blog looks like you are one very tiny little woman. So, how do you eat like this???!!!!

Have you been to Chocolat? It's on the far west end of the main drag. Oh, you have to go. A must. There's also a fairly new cheese shop right around there that is fabulous!

Hmmm, I imagine by now that people are seriously doubting that I go there to paint!!