Monday, March 9, 2009

Geraniums Afire and James' Wild Bloggy Party


This little pot o' geraniums was based on a beautiful batch of red blossoms I bought in Fredericksburg, Texas, a few weeks ago. Just 2 weeks after their relocation to chilly North Texas and all the blooms are dropping off my Hill Country flowers. I can hardly blame them. I'm missing the sunny hills, too!

I hope you are all producing beautiful paintings and preparing your flowerbeds for spring. I've still got a bit of a hangover from James Parker's wild party on Sunday. There may still be some crackers and cheese left if you want to swing by and say hi. The little party shrimpies disappeared in the first five minutes. Talk about a hungry crowd! James vacated Texas some years ago for greener South American pastures, but we Texans don't hold that against him.
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