Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blue Seurat, Hydrangeas

Blue Seurat
Oil on Canvas

Studio Assistant Anniebelly wide awake
and awaiting a "SNACKY."

I've had all sorts of good problems lately, but I could use some advice from my seasoned painty pals. Don't look around, yes, it's you I'm talking to! A gallery in California wants half a dozen of my three foot by four foot paintings of pots and pots of flowers. I'll need to mail these, so mailing them rolled instead of stretched sure seems like a better option! Have you ever mailed a large painting rolled? Any tips and suggestions surely would be appreciated. Of course, I do have to paint them first. *beads of sweat trickle down wrinkley noggin*

The other problem is how best to pry this warm, snuggley, snoring, fat puggy girl, Anniebelly Bossybritches, out of my lap so I can start painting today. I've tried to explain to her that mama has this big piece of canvas she needs to slap paint upon, but Annie seems decidedly unconcerned about my plight. She did, however, perk her ears up a bit when I said the work SNACKY. I guess it just goes to show, one can overcome all obstacles with the proper amount of focus and determination...

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