Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blue Seurat, Hydrangeas

Blue Seurat
Oil on Canvas

Studio Assistant Anniebelly wide awake
and awaiting a "SNACKY."

I've had all sorts of good problems lately, but I could use some advice from my seasoned painty pals. Don't look around, yes, it's you I'm talking to! A gallery in California wants half a dozen of my three foot by four foot paintings of pots and pots of flowers. I'll need to mail these, so mailing them rolled instead of stretched sure seems like a better option! Have you ever mailed a large painting rolled? Any tips and suggestions surely would be appreciated. Of course, I do have to paint them first. *beads of sweat trickle down wrinkley noggin*

The other problem is how best to pry this warm, snuggley, snoring, fat puggy girl, Anniebelly Bossybritches, out of my lap so I can start painting today. I've tried to explain to her that mama has this big piece of canvas she needs to slap paint upon, but Annie seems decidedly unconcerned about my plight. She did, however, perk her ears up a bit when I said the work SNACKY. I guess it just goes to show, one can overcome all obstacles with the proper amount of focus and determination...


Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
oh how absolutely exciting!
i would ask the gallery how they suggest for you to send the paintings to them. they may have a standard protocal that they prefer. Maybe you can keep them stretched and box and skid them onto a truck shipment.

hug all the puggies for me! emmitt says he only has to be goldie emmitt pug until monday morning when the blog updates again. he will have a wig burning party at that time with cookie for all. he would love for all of you to come!

m & GEP

Manon said...

I'm so happy for you Nancy! This is a good problem! I agree with Melissa in that you should ask them. When I ship mosaics to AZ I use a palette with many pieces on it because it's more economical. I'm not sure about these paintings though!
Anniebelly is so sweet! She just wants to hang out with momma!

Unknown said...

Oh both you ladies gave me an option I never even thought of! thank you so much. See, it pays to have smart friends.
Howie is wondering if he can pack his puggy napsack and move in with Emmy fur the pawty, Melissa. He has been put on a D-I-E-T here and has decided to move to a kindler, friendlier environment asap.

Kim VanDerHoek said...

Hi Nancy,

That's wonderful news! I hope the gallery in near me so that I can finally see you beautiful paintings in person!

Beautiful hydrangeas!

As for shipping, the president of our local art association talked to us about that at a meeting a while ago. She ships larger paintings all over the US. She uses these boxes called Deluxe Artwork Shippers. She said she always asks the gallery to return the boxes as they are not cheap and marks them inside and out with her name and return address. She's never had a problem with any paintings being damaged when she's used these boxes. Here's a link to Uline, one of several companies that sell them.

Your pug is darling! What a sweet little lap warmer.

James Parker said...

Wow, Nancy...I sure hope it's a good gallery, because that's a considerable shipment. The gallery I'm sure has some guidelines (which I'm surprised that didn't inform ya of) but Kim has a good from those that ship large pieces. Let us know how it goes. Love to know the cost, too...if I had to ship something like that from CR...Donald Trump would have to help me out. Mow you see why so many do miniatures and ACEOs :-) Oh..and thanks for the comments...if you go back to that blog, the next comment is from Tweedles...a special pug pet of Pokey and Taco Belle's might want to meet Tweedles.

A New England Life said...

Just be careful you don't accidently roll up Anniebelly and send her instead! lol!

My gosh Nancy, you are really branching out with your artwork! Wonderful!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Nancy,
What a wonderful reality to know there is a demand for your beautiful paintings! I don't have a clue about shipping stuff- so glad your art friends offered some suggestions. I can relate to litlle
Anniebelly- i demand to be held too. My mommie tells me it is quite challenging to do everything bloggie wise - with one hand!
Your work is sooo beautiful

MANPOLO said...

Thanks for sharing.

Art with Liz said...

I think you've got your shipping problems sorted out now! I can't help from this end, but I think it's fantastic that your work is so in demand. Love the hydrangeas. And love Anniebelly!

Patty said...

What lovely problems to have!! The answer is simple. I will drive down, pick up you and your paintings, and we'll drive out to California together, laughing all the way!!

Unknown said...

Well, you could always drive your paintings out here to California, since you have a friend here. Where in California is your new-to-be gallery??? I am so excited for you, Nancy!!! Hurrah!

Let us know how it goes with the shipping, will you? And if you do end up rolling the paintings, just remember, paint side OUT.

Unknown said...

P.S. I have shipped art all over the place, if you need more help with the packaging part. Just "e" me. said...

Hi Nancy, oh I am so happy for you.
Don't get nervous, take a breath, you will be fine.
You deserve the recognition, your work is wonderful. The Best of Luck. Joan

Becky said...

Branching out, that is great news! Annie is so very cute.

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

Nancy, congratulations on having your paintings to be in the gallery.
Your flower paintings are just beautiuful. I have done flowers off and on, they are a joy to do.