Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Artscape and a Stroll Through the Gardens at the Dallas Arboretum

Have you got your coffee and your camera? Good! Follow me. I'll show you where I'll be setting up my tent for the Dallas Arboretum Artscape.

Watch your step through these tulips here. I saw the guards have a stern talk with a dad who encouraged his kiddos to run through these yesterday for the family's home movie...

Here is my aisle. Booth 54, hmmm, do you see Booth 54?

Here it is! Oh good, the hubby got here early and set everything up for me. Here's my sign-in book. Be sure to leave your email so I can put you on my newsletter list. There are always pug pictures, so you don't want to miss an issue.

Joy Ijams and the amazing and tireless Artscape coordinators did a great job of designing little quad formations, so we each got corner spots! They brought us sandwiches and drinks and even gave us breaks whenever we needed them. These ladies and gents were hands down awesome in every way.

Check out how Carlos set up my display panels. How do you like that carpet? Mother nature provided that for me free of charge. She was pretty awesome all weekend, too.

You never know who you will bump into at these things! This is my pal Judy Mackey a successful and talented Southlake artist. She likes to boss me around and make me pass out art cards to people all the time, even to the waiters in restaurants. If she keeps this up, I will have to retire with all my millions very soon. Be sure to check out her blog and her web site - you won't want to walk away empty handed!

This lovely lady is my art teacher, Fran Chausse-White. She has been my art mentor for over 8 years and has a cute little grandbaby boy who is probably wondering where she is today.

This will be my show centerpiece this year, Serenity Poppies

This is my plein air painting buddy and bloggy pal, Angela Elledge! She teaches art and is full of energy and great ideas. Be sure to check out her blog and see her amazing work. Nancy Elstad and I are going to join her next Saturday to paint near Turtle Creek in Dallas. Note to self: Remember hat!

Wow, things keep moving around on these walls! Over there to the left is my demo painting, a little something that will be shipping to my friend Jill at The Wood Gallery in San Diego soon. I think I need some white petunias on that painting to brighten it up, don't you?

The frame of choice for art patrons today was the ornate gold model. Hubby was very busy switching out frames for people all weekend.

Note to self: Never go anywhere without tool kit!

Let's take a break and walk around the grounds for a while. Carlos and my Aunt Kathy are minding the booth for me. Look at the magenta azaleas in the background. I wish those bloomed all year.

Do you think that little guy's mom knows he is walking around barefoot?

I would love to paint the shadows under these trees - I couldn't decide what I
liked most! The cherry blossoms - the azaleas, the dogwood trees in full bloom!
But the tulips were the real show stealers this week.
Every color imagineable was on display.

If I were a squirrel or a rabbit, I would want to live here, as long as there were plenty of carrots and maybe some cheese.

The Dallas Blooms Festival at the Arboretum is celebrating
its 25th birthday this year.
I bet that old tree could tell some stories about all the things
that have changed in that time.

I've never seen the Arboretum so full of color - it's like stepping into Oz! I keep waiting for folks to start dancing around and passing out giant lolly pops.

You realize someone has to plant every one of these, right? I learned a secret about the Arboretum. They have a team of ladies who replace entire beds around the park every evening. These flowers had better stay perky, or else they're history!

There were artists and photographers all over the grounds this weekend, taking advantage
of the Dallas Blooms Festival. Keep in mind we haven't even walked close to White Rock Lake yet or the Women's Garden or the reflecting pool or the koi ponds. I sure hope you wore comfy shoes. This could take all afternoon.

Do you think Carlos is wondering when we'll be back?
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