Sunday, March 29, 2009

An Art Award

Green Yucca
Oil on Canvas - SOLD

Thanks to Angela Elledge for my art award! I'm hoping to start doing a little plein air painting with Angela and the group from Dallas as soon as this Dallas weather decides to cooperate. Angela has a passion for painting AND teaching, and she also has a gift for bringing artists together.

This award asks you to list seven things you are passionate about, and share the award with other passionate artist friends.

I am passionate about:
1) my family (which includes my fat puggies)
2) my friends
3) painting like crazy
4) animal rescue
5) my faith
6) cheese
7) mocha coffee with whippy creme on top

I'd like to share this award with these wonderful people. If you have not seen their art yet, please pay a visit - you will be amazed!!
Michelle Burnett
Joan Sicicgnano
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