Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Confession - I'm In Love With a Cad

Cupid's Bow, Purple Iris
Oil on Canvas

Cupid's Bow has been finished for a few days, but the sunshine abandoned Texas, so I could not take it out for a good picture for the bloggy until this afternoon. Sometimes it's good to walk away from a painting for a few days - this one had a muddy red brown background originally. I plumped up the color today with some juicy Rembrandt yellow light mixed with Sennelier ochre and just a dab of Charvin magenta. Like Patricia Scarborough's beautiful Red Night, that bright color made a difference.

I have no qualms about mixing different brands of oil paints just so long as everyone gets along with one another and there is no mud slinging. As my sales have slowly increased, my budget for oil paints has gone up.

Over time, I said goodbye to the Winton family and started a partnership in the firm of Winsor & Newton. Later, I got my courage up and bought a Sennelier sample set that is still worth its weight in gold. Later still, I had a torrid affair with a couple of Rembrandt cads who I still stay in touch with from time to time.

It just goes to show you even us mature ladies can be in love with several cads all at the same time. One just has to be discreet with the scheduling is all.
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