Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shop Girl

Shop Girl Detail

Shop Girl
Oil on Linen Canvas Board

Inspiration for Shop Girl

In the quaint town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, you can get the best cafe mocha, visit wonderful art galleries, and get a hair cut in Lulu's shop. Lulu is the inspiration for my new pet portrait, Shop Girl.

Lulu greets all the customers where my good friend Sharon of My New England Life goes for a do. Sharon snapped this photo of Lulu while the little divadog was hard at work keeping an eagle eye out for clientele in need of a haircut. Lulu has a stunning wardrobe and is a doggy with personality plus.

Lulu was just one of those timeless beauties who begged to be painted, kind of like Mona Lisa, or our sweet friend Valerie! If you need a bit more of a cute doggy fix, pay Valerie a visit. She's another little gal with class and distinction who is loved and adored.
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