Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Space

This is it! My space at The Good Art Company gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas,
on Main Street. Look at that beautiful shaft of natural light.

The Good Art Company
resides in one of the historical buildings downtown with high ceilings, large
windows, and wonderful old creaky floors. I was so excited when I arrived to
finally hang my art at the gallery!

Jill, the gallery owner who also happens to be a talented artist, and her
gallery assistant and son, Kalev, who is a little over a year old, had strategically
placed a sign with my name above the space. Cool yes?? The sign looks so professional!

There is so much warm natural light in the gallery, and the spotlights
are everywhere to make sure there are no dark shadows.

Here is an idea of the scale of the little 8X8 pieces next to the larger works. I love the three dimensional effect of these small works, since the painting continues around the edges. I like having small, affordable and portable works of art in addition to the larger pieces. I think this opens a door for folks who may not be able to afford larger works, and also for new collectors of original art.

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