Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Space

This is it! My space at The Good Art Company gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas,
on Main Street. Look at that beautiful shaft of natural light.

The Good Art Company
resides in one of the historical buildings downtown with high ceilings, large
windows, and wonderful old creaky floors. I was so excited when I arrived to
finally hang my art at the gallery!

Jill, the gallery owner who also happens to be a talented artist, and her
gallery assistant and son, Kalev, who is a little over a year old, had strategically
placed a sign with my name above the space. Cool yes?? The sign looks so professional!

There is so much warm natural light in the gallery, and the spotlights
are everywhere to make sure there are no dark shadows.

Here is an idea of the scale of the little 8X8 pieces next to the larger works. I love the three dimensional effect of these small works, since the painting continues around the edges. I like having small, affordable and portable works of art in addition to the larger pieces. I think this opens a door for folks who may not be able to afford larger works, and also for new collectors of original art.


nancy said...

Nancy Let me be the first to say WOW! It looks wonderful, good for you, I'm sooo proud of you.

Archie and Melissa said...

Oh my goodness nancy!
i have goodsebumps!
I am so proud of you and your space looks wonderful!i love the sign they made for you too!

Manon said...

OMG! Your space looks fantastic Nancy!!! Congrats...... bravo!!!

Valerie said...

This is so fabulous!! Your work looks beautiful!! You must be so excited!!!

Jean Levert Hood said...

How awesome, Nancy!! I hope to be in Fredericksburg next month, I'll go by. Can't wait! It is a wonderful display, and shows everything off so well!

Did you get to Wildseed Farms? I'm wondering how the poppy field is looking right now.

James Parker said...

Wow, Nancy. Cool is not the word for it...Super, maybe. And the sign may look professional, but not near so much as the artwork. I bet you're proud. You have a right to be.

The Gurneys said...

It looks great! Congratulations! I will have to check it out when we go back to Fredericksburg.

Unknown said...

What a great space! and your work looks fantastic hanging there.
Good Luck in your new home!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Ohhhh my! Nancy this is the real world. Your beautiful paintings are hanging in real gallery.
This is so awsome for you!
What a wonderful talent you have.
What a nice studio to show your work. Looks so grand!

Unknown said...

Wow..... This something I dream of and you've accomplished. Bravo!!!!

Becky said...

Looks so very nice hanging on the wall in a studio. Wish I lived close by to see it in person!

A New England Life said...

Look at you with your own little spot. Name tag, track lighting and all. You are a supah stah Nancy!

All that hard work is really paying off these days. I'm so happy for your success. Glad you shared it with us : )


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Nancy- just stopping by to say- I hope your havin a good day and thank you for stopping by my bloggie with your sweet comment!
love to you sweet lady

tlwest said...

You know that space looks gorgeous especially with the paintings there:) Congrats! said...

Hi Nancy,
It's wonderful. What a beautiful display of your amazing paintings.Congratulations. And thank you for the kind comment on my blog.

Unknown said...

Congrats on such a wonderful space, Nancy! I am sure your art will fly out of there...


Patty said...

Wow, what a fan club! Many warm congrats and hugs for your major milestone accomplishment! Your space looks lovely. A Big Woo Hoo to You!!

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone! I am so happy with the new gallery space. I hope if you are ever in Texas you will pay a visit to Fredericksburg. Even if you don't make it to the gallery, you must swing by Rather Sweet and sample the cheese danish.

Kim VanDerHoek said...

I agree, your work looks fantastic in the gallery! It is nice to see so many paintings hanging together too because you really get a feel for your style. Your work has a sunny exciting personality. Congratulations!

Pixel Star Photography said...

Oh wow this is so nice :) I really wish I could see it. Your work is beautiful.