Sunday, February 15, 2009

Emilie's Blooms, Zinnias

Thank you everyone who sent well wishes for my hubby, Carlos. It's important Carlos remain in the best possible health, since he is in charge of cooking for three pugs and me, too! The doctor has decided he needs his gallbladder out, so we have one more appointment, with a surgeon. Please keep my honey in your thoughts and I surely hope you and your loved ones are happy and healthy.

I found this wonderful green pitcher on a shopping expedition with friends in Dallas. It's been sitting on a shelf here in my studio trying to catch my attention ever since. I finally gave in and painted it yesterday, finishing off the zinnias today.

I let the zinnias do what they pleased, kind of like my four-footed studio assistants, who had Merrick's trout stew for lunch and who later convinced me to take three toy throwing breaks. I patiently explained to them that time waits for no one, time flies when you're having fun, and a watched pot doesn't boil, but they insisted on practicing their fetching skills. Now while I toil away, they are having a little snoring symphony on their luxurious studio beds placed strategically close to the easel in the event that lightning strikes and I accidentally drop food or something.

I hope you are all enjoying a quiet Sunday with lots of wonderful distractions, I hope your taxes are all filed and put to bed, and mostly I hope there is a TAX refund in the mail with your name on it! Happy painting!
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