Friday, February 6, 2009

Before and After - Benefits of a Good Critique

The Vineyard, 24X36 - After Critique

The Vineyard - Before Critique

Master painter Tony Saladino opened his studio for monthly critique sessions recently. I was one of the fortunate artists who got to attend Saturday along with my gifted painty lady pal Judy Mackey. Borrowing a page from talented artist and former Texan James Parker, who talked about a painting that changed magically from good to better, I thought I'd let you see the results!

Tony set the tone for a congenial session and also provided donuts! There were pastries, fried donuts with chocolate topping, glazed twists, bear claws (sadly, these were cut in half) and several very nice cherry filled. But I digress - donuts have that effect on me...

Here are a couple of the paintings I brought, with BEFORE and AFTER noted on each.

Can you tell what changes I made based on the critiques on these two paintings? (Jeopardy music starts playing...)

Sunlight, 20X24, After Critique

Sunlight, Before Critique


Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

Wow, you did an excellent job re-working both paintings. Usually, when I try to do that the results are terrible and I end up trashing them. You had quite the successes.

Unknown said...

Hi Nancy - while I think you did a fantastic job re-working these paintings - I would have been happy with both paintings as is!! The poppies are magnificent in person - I know cuz I saw them - and I liked the background before and after. As for the hydrangea - I like both versions!! In person the blues shimmer!! I can't really decide which I like better!! They are/were all beautiful.

Archie and Melissa said...

oh my goodness nancy!
you are so talented!
i love that the new versions of the paintings look even brighter and fresher in color than before. how do you do that? wow!
i love them!

Unknown said...

Thanks Carol! I love that painting in your profile picture...I am sure these would not have been much better if I hadn't had the guidance of Tony and the gals at the critique. It was really eye opening.

Thank you Judy! you are so kind. you're just saying all that cuz you're my favorite painting buddy. *big grin*

Melissa! are you in San Diego? I bet Emmitt misses his mom. I hope you are having big sales!

Manon said...

The before paintings are lovely but the after really make those colors pop! Sometimes we need a skilled set of eyes to guide us in a different direction. I think it's wonderful that Tony Saladino opens his studio for this!!

Kim VanDerHoek said...

It looks like you got some insightful feedback. I see that you saturated the colors in the flowers in "Sunlight" which was a good idea since they are the stars in the painting. And simplifying the background in "The Vineyard" helped make the flowers more focal and gives my eye a place to rest. Great job reworking these and good for you for being open to critique, I'm sure it will lead to more growth!

tlwest said...

I loved them warmed up :)

Unknown said...

Wow. I could use someone to critique my work. How cool.

Donna said...

It's amazing how much brighter and warmer the paintings are in the "after". I think critiques are good. You did a fabulous job, and the paintings look great!


Jellybean Soup Company said...

I love seeing the before and afters! Although I love them both ways. :) It's hard to be critiqued on something you love so much, but it's wonderful that you're brave enough to let it happen! Hugs to the pugs!