Friday, January 23, 2009

Winnifred Wigglepants

Winnifred Wigglepants
Oil on Canvas

My little pug Winnie Wiggles went to the rainbow bridge one year ago this morning after a 3-month battle with GME encephalitis. I finished her portrait last night. She was my little velcro girl, always by my side, and never tiring in her job as queen of all she surveyed.

My puggy bad boy, Howard, went into a deep depression when his sister Winnie died. He is doing much better now, with little Annie keeping him busy and teaching him again how to play.

I miss my little jiggley girl so much, and pray we will meet again someday in heaven.

Daddy gives Winnie smoochies

Heavenly Missive

Whippy creme and scrambled eggs are
Way up here in Heaven
In case you too
See only blue and wonder what you're gettin

They're other things like angel wings
With fur that's never sheddin'.
There's no disease or achin knees
and wrinkles smooth and silken

I fall asleep and dream of you
and times when we were given
to sprint and run and tug on toys
and dash to mom for lovin.

Tonight no tears oh Howie dear
because I have been taken
I’ll kiss your cheek and whiskers sweet
And heal the ache within you.

The pain it fades and goes away
And even loss feels lighter
When time moves on then pushes back
All that separates us.


Anonymous said...

Nancy...geeez louise...Im just crying away. I'm loving your little Wigglepants. I'm pretty new to puppy love (8 years, since I got The Boo) and I CAN NOT imagine one of my little ones leaving this earth. Said a prayer for you and for the little ones you have still with you...(I've gotta check, I'm not sure how many you have now...)
Love today~

Unknown said...

Thank you Robin, I have three now, shortly after Winnie died her breeder brought us a "gift" - a little puggy girl named Angel. She thought Angel reminded her so much of Winnie. We have since changed Angel's name to Annie, but she has been a little miracle and brought laughter back into our lives.
Give Boo big ole hugs for me!

Jean Levert Hood said...

oh, Nancy, you're going to have me in tears in a minute. This is tooo precious.

and, that strong vertical painting in your side bar is awesome!

Hugs to the pugs!

Archie and Melissa said...

oh nancy!
what a beautiful portrait and poem. i am tearing up as i read your beautiful post. winnie is always with you. she is still your velcro baby. :)
emmypants and i are sending you huge hugs.
we love you!

Manon said...

Hi Nancy!
That post brings tears to my eyes. I lost two dogs almost three years ago and I still feel the pain when I think of them!
Winnie's portrait is beautiful...... a wonderful way to remember her! The poem is lovely!

bindu said...

Such a lovely way to remember Winnie. Your painting is beautiful - her face seems so gentle and welcoming.

tlwest said...

Lordy you are making me want to get back into pug rescue again ...
what a great painting!

Mary said...

I'm smiling through my tears... what a sweet portrait, and a lovely post... :)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

My little pug heart is touching you and kissing away your tears. I know the emtpy spot in your heart is still huge, that still aches for your little Winnie. My pug sister,( that I never knew) is at the Rainbow Bridge too, and my mommies still miss her.
Winnie will never leave your heart.
The painting is a wonderful touching tribute, so beautiful, and the poem, I could not even read it through the tears. You and Winnie will be together again someday where you will meet at the Rainbow Bridge.
Bless you, sending my pug love

C'est la Vie said...

ohhh wow..Nancy I did not think I could ever get attached to dogs the way I have. They truly become part of the family..I have had Valerie 11 years..She is the only one in my family who is always glad to see me...Your little story is so touching...You are truly an incredible artist...I was in awe looking at your gorgeous work...I am so glad to have met you...Stop back by...Amy

C'est la Vie said...

oh and when I read Nancy and the fatties I was like ....Do what?????I love that name...Itis so cute...