Thursday, January 15, 2009

Special Delivery to Alaska - Handle With Care

Dear Postman: Today a very special person is
being ordained as a minister in Anchorage, Alaska.

This is a terribly chilly place, so enclosed in this package
are purple roses on a journey to provide warmth,
color, and honor for her achievement.

These are not real roses that give off a scent or fade
with time; they are roses that will last a lifetime and
will always provide color and light to a holy place.

Also enclosed you will find a special prayer that
the lovely soul who receives these roses
will always be blessed, as she has blessed others.

Please handle with care.


Archie and Melissa said...

oh nancy they are beautiful.
i love this post!

Manon said...

Beautiful work Nancy! Such a wonderful gift to receive that will no doubt touch the minister!

Donna said...

Oh my, what a beautiful painting, Nancy! I LOVE the colors.

What a lovely gift.


The Muse said...

Splendid! :) :)

Unknown said...

Thanks you ladies, warm hugs from WARM Texas today!

These flowers were purchased by a dear friend of the minister in Alaska. The image of this painting is on the cover of the church program, and the minister really liked them. I hope she will be surprised when she finds out the painting will be hers!

pee ess - Do you guys enjoy watching the TRACK PACKAGE feature when you mail something to a client as much as I do? I can hardly resist seeing where the package is at any given moment...

bindu said...

Beautiful, as always!

Unknown said...

Thank you Bindu!! I hope you are staying warm...

Unknown said...

Beautiful sentiment to go along with this beautiful painting.
..and yes! I love tracking the package, watching it make its way to its new owner!