Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Painty Ladies

Look familiar? I should have named this one Procrastination because instead of working on my snow scene, here I am painting poppies again! Truly not my fault, I will blame my painty lady friends Judy and Nancy. In fact, I have named this painting for them - The Painty Ladies-Red Poppies.

A word of caution, never invite painty lady friends over for lunch and then let them talk you into doing a demo. But it's all good, because I have ways of getting even. *note to self: invite self to Judy/Nancy's, make them do demos and serve me yummy things to eat...*


Unknown said...

Ahhh but yes - you were very good at demo!! And the poppy just 'Popped" right in front of our eyes!! You do know though, that is was the other Nancy's fault so I'm not taking any blame!! - She wanted her daughter Christy watch you paint!! And you were generous to allow us to watch and learn! We need more relaxed painty moments like we enjoyed at your home. Thank you to Carlos too.

nancy said...

Thanks to Carlos for the yummy things to eat! Christy was dividing her time between watching and the bevy of pugs (including her own) she got to play with.
The demo was very helpful (now I know I can't do poppies) hehe.
It was such fun to spend time with both you and Judy, I love sharing paint ideas.
The poppies are BEAUTIFUL!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
i love your poppies! i love hearing that you paint what you are in the mood to do! Going with the flow is the best!

Manon said...

I know how this goes Nancy! I was supposed to start a pet portrait a couple of days ago but I can't get myself to stop painting other things!!LOL
Your poppies make me smile! The snow will wait!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the praise for procrastinating - you know you have GOOD FRIENDS when they pat you on the back for doing what you want to do. ; ) Judy and Nancy, I'm so glad you guys came over. What a fun day it was, and Christy and the puggies having a playdate made it even more exciting. Melissa, your new pillows are so pretty - if our ears were burning, Mindy and I were talking about them last night!
Manon, we do so much think alike. Don't ever change.

Kim VanDerHoek said...

Very pretty still life! It sounds like it was a fun day for your friends.

The Muse said...

Thank you for following my blog! Wow, what an honor...as soon as I able to upgrade the amount of blogs I follow I will do so...
Currently there is a limit.
However i have added you to my blogs BLOG ROLL of Merry Musers, which are blogs I cannot live without! :)

Ah, I wont chastise you to much for painting poppies (as i love them too) but you do make wish for SPRING!

Unknown said...

These poppies just look so happy to me!!! Another great poppy painting, Nancy.

Linda O'Neill said...

Well, I LIKE "Procrastination Poppies"! They must be calling you, Nancy.

Happy New Year from me and Miss Maisie!