Saturday, January 10, 2009

Painting Outdoors at the Arboretum

You thought I was kidding when I said to
look for the crazy lady painting outdoors
with paint on her nose, didn't you? I accidentally
forgot to mention the bizarre hatwear.

This is my trusty assistant, Carlos, always alert,
always available to set up my easel for me
when I am on duty. Hey buddy, break
time is over! Time to refresh my soda!

Dallas Arboretum Series
Oil on Linen Board

Inspiration for Wallflower


A New England Life said...

Nancy, in a day of aggravation it's good to see your smiling face. Cowgirl hat and all, which I think is adorable : )!

Beautiful painting, as usual. Your eye for beauty never ceases to amaze me. And by the way, I like Winnies 'word of the day'.

The Muse said...

what a delightful moment...:) even carlos has added to the joy :)

getting to know the artists always makes the work more personable!

Archie and Melissa said...

i love your narratives nancy!
what a cool assistant you have!

Jean Levert Hood said...

I think that if we are brave enough to plein aire paint, then we should be able to wear any headgear we desire!!!

Now, as to the assistant problem......

Donna said...

Lovely painting, Nancy! And cute hatwear.

Unknown said...

LOL - you ladies all made me feel better about my bizarre headgear. I am VERY lucky to have such a good helper when I paint at the arboretum. That and my little red wagon. : )

Manon said...

Love the hat and assistant! Better get him to work!!

Unknown said...

I have a hat almost exactly like that!!!! You look great! Painting outdoors is just something I have never been able to do. Tried it many times. Hate it! My (identical) hat's off to artists like you, Nancy.