Friday, January 30, 2009

Joie de Vivre - Sunflower Painting

Joie de Vivre
Sunflower Painting
Oil on Linen Canvas Board

Available in my Etsy Shop

I finished Joie de Vivre yesterday evening, try to keep up my goal of a painting a day. I do have an excuse for this frenzied production schedule lately - two art shows fast approaching: Dallas Arboretum's juried show, Artscape, March 21-22; and the New Vintage Art Show at the Palace Arts Theater in historic Grapevine April 18. If you're in the area, please come by and say hello! I have free gifts for everyone who mentions they saw my show on the blog or web site.

Sunflowers are one of my favorite subjects. They grow like weeds in Texas and I can toss seeds into the earth every spring and get every variety imaginable about 8 weeks later. I've been painting them for 16 years and each time I paint them, they teach me something new. I could tell you all the things I would change about this painting now that it is done, but instead I'll take Karin Jurick's advice and not self-criticize so much.

The real test of a successful painting here at the Medina Foster Home for Wayward Pugs is to show the new work to the hubby. If he likes something, he lets me know instantly. If he doesn't he just looks at it absentmindedly and asks me what I'd like for dinner tomorrow. He's making brownies right now and the smell is wafting into the studio. Surely there are some beaters that require my attention...

Happy painting and creating to all of you as January bids us adieu. I hope someone you love is making you brownies this week.


Marco Crupi said...

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Anonymous said...

Happy Friday Nancy! I came over for a little visual valium...Your art makes me feel soooo peaceful.
Love the sunflowers. (and I'm in mad love with the Holiday Red Poppies on your website!)
Ahhhh, my nerves are just taken down a few notches when I'm here~
Blessings...oh and I'm making brownies this weekend!!! (Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies :)

James Parker said...

Nancy, I just stumbled across your blog from Karin's. In the 3 months I've been participating in DSFDF, I have blog-hopped to some marvelous artwork. And now yours is included in that marvelous category. Very good work.
As a old Texan, now living in Costa Rica, I have a soft spot for Texas artists. I invite and hope you will click on my name and visit my blog. I'd offer a cup of world famous Costa Rican coffee but I can't figure out how to attach it to the blog. Keep strokin' Nancy.

Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
oh you are so amazing! i cannot believe the wonderful things you are creating everyday!
how inspiring!
m & ep

Nancy and the Fatties said...

Hi Robin! oh my gosh you have the best superbowl recipes - I haven't thought about yummy potato skins in ages. Now I will have to make some, too...

Howdy James! expatriate Texan now living in the tropical wilderness. How cool to meet you. I love your blogs and your description of Texas in your yellow rose post is just perfect...I hope you will stay in touch!

Hi Melissa! Linda said you guys had coffee and talked about Emmy's arduous and busy massage schedule. Howie wonders if he can MOVE IN with Emmy very soon, and where the sign up sheet for the massage is located? ; )

bindu said...

I'm so amazed that you are able to finish one painting a day, and still make each one so perfect! I love the golden centers of your sunflowers.

Valerie said...

hey Nancy I am working on a blog..I want you to send me something to put on it ...Your friend Valerie. /At the end of next week my blog will wonderful and all dogs everywhere will love it..

Manon said...

I think I've told you how much I love sunflowers. Yours are so beautiful!! I really wish they could grow around here like they do in Texas!! Another amazing piece Nancy!!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Nancy
Just stopped in for a relaxing momnent with your paintings. We all sat here saying, WOW ! WOW !
how gorgeous.
Can almost smell the sweet fragrance on each painting.
You are special to have talent like that.
I love Sunflowers especially and all kinds of others bloomie flowers to.
I need lots of time to go through your whole site and make up for lost time, so will be back later! Why do I have to do other things on the weekends, besides get ready for work- next week!
Thank you for sharring

Becky said...

Your sunflowers are so gorgeous!!! I love all things sunflower. They are my most favorite flower! Bright and cheery. I had a male friend who lived in Grapevine. He worked for GTE now Verizon. Just love all of your paintings. It would be hard to choose just one!

Dana Cooper said...

Hi Nancy, thanks for visiting my blog, and your kind comments.
Your sunflower painting is beautiful, you should be very proud!

Edward Burton said...

Hi Nancy, I have to agree with Dana, your sunflower painting is very beautiful.

r garriott said...

Very lovely, Nancy. No need to hide it (as you suggested to Dana)! It's always fascinating to see how any numbers of artists approach the same subject.

Dean H. said...

Great artwork, Nancy! Do you pre tone your canvases with red? That's a favorite method in my art.

Luisa said...

complimenti per i tuoi dipinti. sono molto belli.mi piacciono soprattutto i girasoli,un saluto dall'italia ciao luisa

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Nancy, I'm loving your sunflowers! The colors and contrast are wonderful!

Unknown said...

The violet color you put in the background of this painting is divine. YUM.

Unknown said...

Your flowers - no matter what they are - just brighten the day!
these are lovely.

Donna said...

I love the sunflower painting! It must be wonderful to have sunflowers growing everywhere.