Monday, January 19, 2009

For a Good Cause

Looking for Someone to Adore Me
Oil on Linen Board
Pug Rescue Series

I've started a series of pug portraits for a new project that will be announced soon for Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue. Keep a googley eye on the pug blog for more details to come! This little guy was completed this morning, in appropriate fashion, to the tune of three pugs snoring at my feet in the studio.


Donna said...

What a great project. I LOVE the pug painting! Pugs are so adorable.

I also love the piano painting you did in the previous post. I'm sure your Mother will love it too!


Unknown said...

Thanks Donna! I hope you and Otis and Riley are staying snuggley warm today. I LOVE Fifi's painting of them, your cute little weenies, it is just perfect. Mom still hasn't seen the painting, I'm waiting to see if she notices it on the blog. ; )

The Muse said...

look at those eyes...oh goodness what a face :)

bindu said...

This is such a great project! You captured the expression in his eyes and on his face so perfectly!

Archie and Melissa said...

oh! nancy!
i LOVE it! i cannot wait to see and hear more how i can support your cause!
m & ep

Unknown said...

Hi Missy Muse, Bindu and Melissa and Emmypantster! thanks for stopping by - there are an unbelievable number of cuties on the pug rescue web site for Rita, one of our BEST volunteers is heading up a big project. I'm just a little wrinkley cog in the big rescue wheel! more to come....
sending warm hugs from Texas...

Unknown said...

Oh is that ever a sweet painting!!! What a great cause to be part of. Perfect for you, the pug lover.

artis1111 said...

So sweet. Great work!Kathy

Manon said...

This is a terrific project Nancy! Beautiful work ...... I can't wait to see the rest!

Unknown said...

I adore him!

Becky said...

Love your art work, and of course the pug is GREAT! My mother played piano for us too. I loved "Ebb Tide". Found you through Paula at Pug Hugs. I love pugs, my pug is Fuji.

Unknown said...

Hi guys! thanks so much. The puggy project is moving ahead at 100 pug miles per hour! it is so exciting. I'll be showing some more new portraits for the project tomorrow. hug your babies for me!!

tlwest said...

Just beautiful! such personality!

A New England Life said...

Is that Winston? It sure does look like him with all those chocolate colors ; )

You have such a good heart Nancy. I'm sure the DFPR appreciates all you have done for them.

marianne said...

Hi Nancy
Thanks for your visit and your kind comment.
Came here for a return visit and was so pleasantly surprised!
I love pugs! So that´s a treat for sure but your paintings are so gorgeous!
of course the pug portraits are awesome and on your site The Manna from Heaven just touched my heart!
I will be coming over more often.
greetings marianne

Tweedles -- that's me said...

You have touched my heart.
I love, love , love your paintings.
I will be back often to see your paintings and maybe more poems?
My mom is always looking at pug rescue sites. It's such a good thing.