Monday, January 26, 2009


Oil on Linen Board

My goal this month has been to paint at least one small painting a day. Azucar is based on some beautiful English china from the home of my world-traveler friends, Jennifer and Dave. I've been wanting to paint white and blue china since taking the Jean Chambers workshop a few years ago.

This was a fun exercise and reminds me of a great day visiting with Jennifer, who is the mom of one of my favorite foster pugs, Oscar, a spry 12 year old. On most days, Oscar supervises household activities and keeps all the humans on schedule from his favorite spot right next to the refrigerator.

Inspiration for Azucar

Oscar keeps a googley eye on all
important kitchen activities.

Rescued at the age of 11.


Leslie Rubio said...

Just beautiful Nancy! Wow, a painting a day-wish that I could do that-finding the time after working all day is hard so I mostly do art on the weekends unless I have a special inspiration on the drive home and then I head straight to the studio to work-skipping dinner and other duties.
I love your flower paintings. I like Azucar-sugar in spanish! Nice that you have your trusty watchdog by your side!
Thanks for coming by to visit!


bindu said...

You're so productive! A painting a day I could never accomplish. This one is very pretty. Your little dog has the sweetest face ever!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
what a wonderful painting!
oscar is so precious! i love his white face!
m & ep

Manon said...

It will be so much fun seeing a months worth of paintings! WOW! It's a great goal! I love this one!
Oscar is so sweet!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I love your paintings, it's jard to believe they are not real!
I love your talent- and what happiness is that to have Oscar by your feet as you paint. What a sweetheart! Thank you for sharring.

A New England Life said...

A painting a day? And work too? That's quite ambitious of you Nancy!

Azucar is beautiful. As pretty as the real thing! They yellow-gold background off sets the flowers nicely. And that's all I know for art lingo.

A New England Life said...

Oh gosh, I almost forgot Oscar! Even Brent thinks he is a doll. What's not to love? He looks pure as snow and sweet as an angel. : )

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Hi Nancy. Your art is so colorful and charming! I saw your comment on Christine Mercer's blog and your photo of you and pug dogs! Visit my blog to see why I am here on your's today...hint..a shared love of a certain critter.