Sunday, December 7, 2008

Winter Study

Winter Study: Aspen Lane

I keep a little footheater in the studio (in addition to the three fat puggies who occasionally serve that purpose). This painting, Winter Study, makes my toes cold. In a few weeks it will be Christmas and I can hardly wait for the time off work. By day I am a mild mannered bookwormish editor for a medical journal in Dallas. By night, an intrepid painter, splattering turpenoid on the studio rug with wild abandon.

It's a challenge sometimes having a "day job" and a night job in the art studio, but it's also a joy to have the balance that painting brings to my life. Mix in three fat puggies to keep the laughter coming, and a husband who likes cooking so I no longer live on M&Ms and fritoes alone, and life is just about perfect. I hope all of you have things that bring you little joys in life and balance, too.
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