Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Winter Arrives

Winter is officially here on Christmas eve in Texas. The studio assistants are all snoring on their beds by the easel, with their bellies full of Cowboy Cookout Stew. Today I broke out the paints after a few weeks off and finished White Rock Lake, a departure from the usual bright flowers.

Painting from photos is definitely tricky. The water in the foreground was originally black pavement. The trees above the rocks were originally a dense mass of pink and golden leaves. I had to find a way as master painter Robert Moore puts it, "To clearly define my masses and shapes." I added some beige colors behind the tree trunks and a bright yellow green border on top of the rocks to try to separate all the masses.

Even trickier, I wanted to put this painting into an off-size frame I had ordered, 16.5 X 20.5. I don't own saws or tools to cut my own canvas boards, so I ordered custom cut boards from a good linen board canvas manufacturer online. This was such an easy solution for a non-handy person like myself, I will no longer hesitate to grab up those beautiful off size frames from paint and art stores I see on clearance - now I know, I can always have the professionals cut the canvas boards for me!

If this one dries in time, it will be submitted to the Dallas Arboretum paintout. The deadline is January 9 so I have to get cracking if I want to add more submissions between now and then. Nothing like a deadline to motivate!

Happy holidays to all my artsy friends from the house of fattypugs. May your toes stay warm and may there be plenty of whippy creme for your mocha coffee in 2009!


Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
oh it is gorgeous!
i love your apintings and hearing all about the process and shows you have coming.

i am so excited for you!

melissa and ep (who wants some stew!)

A New England Life said...

Wow Nancy, that is a really interesting interpretation of the picture I took. Not what I expected at all but it's beautiful! I wish you luck at the paintout. Is it like a shootout, but for painters?

Speaking of cowboys ... that cowboy cookout is some yummy! Winston wishes he could come for dinner at your house : )