Monday, December 22, 2008

What's Growing in the Studio Today

I love having a big window that let's a lot of light into the studio. My Paperwhites are shooting up like weeds this year, Anniebelly Studio Assistant likes to inspect them for me every morning.

I bought this Cyclamen at the nursery today - "all Christmas stuff 75% off". How could I resist?? I hope it survives the "indoor heat." I didn't have the heart to put it out in the 20 degree chill.

Anniebelly hopes you have enjoyed our little studio tour today. She also wonders why on earth I am taking pictures instead of taking care of important tasks such as tossing her new seahorse toy for her. Duty calls!


Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy and annie!
the studio is wonderful! i love all of the light, life and color it has. what a wonderful space!
m & ep

A New England Life said...

Thank you for sharing a bit of your home Nancy. You and I have such similar taste. LOVE the big window, and I see you and have made the switch to energy efficient bulbs. Nice job ; )

What do you say we put a leash on Miss Annabelle and head out for a walk, okay? Better yet, let's just sit by the fire instead.

Unknown said...

Thanks Melissa - stay warm today and hug Emmy for me. Sharon, I hope little Phinny is doing better today.

Manon said...

I love your studio Nancy! I also have a lot of light! I can't imagine my studio without it!
Annie is so sweet!

tlwest said...

My goodness your pup looks like my pup!

Anonymous said...

Your studio is delightful. Such a treat, thank you for sharing. I found your blog through ... I can't remember, but I'll be back :)