Saturday, December 13, 2008

Visions of Sugarplums

The tree is up, Grinchy is out of the box,
and the studio assistants have started storing
their favorite toys beneath the tree...

The house is all set for the holiday art party!

We are almost ready for Christmas at Flower Mound Studio this week. Thanks to my industrious and well organized studio assistants, there are just a few more gifts to buy. Instead of painting, I am finishing off my second mocha coffee with whippy creme (extra mocha, extra whippy creme...) and playing on the blog.

Are you ready for the holidays? It just seems a little harder every year to keep up the pace. I still need to mail Christmas cards next week. The good news is, if I miss Christmas deadline, Happy New Year's cards will do very nicely.


Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy and puggies!
oh your tree is beeeuteeful!
emmitt and i wish we could come to your art pawty!
we love your idea about the cards. it is never too late to send them. you are the coolest!
m & ep

Fifi Flowers said...

Ready for holiday... YES Ready with presents... NO!
I would like to forgo the present part of Christmas and just have people in my home to gather and enjoy each other's company with good food and drink!
ENJOY your holiday season!

Manon said...

An art party? How fun! Your tree is lovely!
I'm not ready for Christmas yet but my decorations are up. I"m hosting a party for friends on Saturday and I haven't even thought about a menu yet...ugh!

bindu said...

Lovely landscape paintings in the background! From the picture it looks like you assistants are exhausted after all the work. ;)

Unknown said...

Melissa, you and Emmy stay warm in all that chilly weather up there!

Fifi, I agree - wouldn't it be much nicer if the present part wasn't such an important ingredient for holidays.

I hope your party goes well,
Manon, will Otis be hosting?

Bindu, thanks for your kind words, are you guys getting the cold weather down there in Austin? We have sleet and ice tonight up here in Dallas!
hugs to everyone and their critterhelpers...

Donna said...

Mmmmm, that mocha coffee sounds good and I love your studio assistants!

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Enjoy the holidays!


Linda O'Neill said...

Are those two little Christmas Angels I see by the fireplace?;)

Hope you had a good party, Nancy!

A New England Life said...

Awww, look at your sweet tree. And I love the garland on the mantel. Don't the puggies just LOVE the heat? Winston and Phin too.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.