Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sunflower on Blue

Sunflower on Blue is a very popular painting. I find it on foreign message boards and other people's Web sites occasionally through my Web site tracker. I was a bit surprised when I first discovered someone thought my art was worth "borrowing for free." But I'm learning with time that this is a bit the price you pay when you put your art out there, instead of keeping it in neat little stacks in the closet.


Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
oh i love this painting. yes, that is so true!
it is a funny feeling seeing your art posted somewhere without your permission. I have found that i need to be comfortable with the size file i have exposed to the world. when people use the image it is because they like it not because they are trying to "take it". it is a journey coming to that realization though. :)


Jean Levert Hood said...

Yes, it is a beautiful painting, Nancy, and it is YOUR painting!! What is this Web Site Tracker that lets you find this??
You're so right, when we put our work out there, we have this risk. Copyright laws do not seem to concern a lot of folks.

Manon said...

I can see why it's so popular because it's so beautiful! I love sunflowers!
As artists we always run the risk of having someone steal our creations. I hope someone replicates Brutus so I can see someone else suffer......ha, ha!

Unknown said...

Manon, you are so funny! Brutus is one of a kind. Melissa, I've seen other artists replicating your work before, and it is a shame but I think it is also a price we pay for success sometimes. Jean, I use fatcow for my web site provider and they give their users access to web tracker devices and monthly reports on web traffic. It's really interesting to see who comes by to visit, and amazing how many foreign countries are watching our blogs and our web sites!
happy painting from chilly Texas...

Unknown said...

Well, I can see why someone would want to have it, but I hate it when people think it's okay to steal!!! Uncool! It's really a fantastic painting, Nancy.