Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Holiday Recipe for Watermarks in Adobe Photoshop Elements - What, You Expected Cookies?

I'm up early today waiting to see if the roads are too icy for an early commute. *crossing fingers* AnnieBelly had buffalo stew for breakfast and is curled up in my lap watching the cursor move across the screen and Java and Howie have gone back to bed under piles of covers. I'm excited cuz it's 4 days until vacation starts.

I think I'll use this burst of energy to share a tip I learned on watermarks with you. I like Adobe Photoshop Elements, it's cheaper than Photoshop, but it can be a little clunky and hard to find the work tools sometimes.

Here is a quick recipe for you on how to place a Watermark in Adobe Photoshop Elements:
Open Photoshop Elements

  • Select File and Get Photos from Folders
  • Select your image
  • Click on the Editor tab in the far upper right corner
  • Choose Full Edit
  • On the left hand icon bar, select the letter icon - hint - it is a T with a box around it.
  • Drag and drop over the area of your image where you want your text to appear. I recommend placing it over the key parts of the image, the parts most likely to be copied.
  • Type in your watermark message
  • Highlight the type (by dragging your cursor over it)
  • Choose your color palette from the shaded icon directly above the image. Light gray colors seem to work best for my work.
  • You can resize the text using the text sizing tool directly to the left of the color tab above. For my really large images, I use 312 pt
  • I use the Papyrus font (I love Papyrus).
  • Once you have your text in place and the size you like, drag your cursor over the text to highlight it.
  • With the text highlighted, go over to the far right under the Layers field and select Opacity. Using the drop down menu, I put my Opacity at about 75%, but you can adjust this to taste.
That's it! I hope this is helpful to you. I have the Photoshop Elements for Dummys book on my Christmas list this year.


Mary said...

That is such a gorgeous painting! Wishing you a very merry Christmas. :)

PS: My word verification is hogrider. Do you suppose that is some sort of omen? !

Manon said...

This is a beautiful painting.
Great info about watermarks. I never used them but it's probably something I should think about.

Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
what a great tutorial and post!
i love your painting!

Unknown said...

Thanks ladies, I loved doing this painting and but was glad to see it go to a loving home, just like one of my foster pugs!
I'm not sure yet how effective watermarks will be, but at least if someone borrows something in the future my name will be out there too!
Manon, you might want to consider watermarks, your work is absolutely unique.
Mary, I hope hogrider is not an omen. holy cow - my last verification word was "turd-row!" It made me think of Howie. : )
Melissa, you and Emmypants stay warm. I bet it is very chilly in CO today!

bindu said...

What a beautiful, beautiful painting! Do you paint in oils?

Unknown said...

Hi Bindu - yes, I paint mostly in oils, though I like to dabble in watercolor too sometimes. Happy holidays!!

Melanie said...
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