Friday, November 7, 2008

My Inspiration

Winnie Wiggles, My Best Girl

I've hit a bit of a lag this week, just too tired to paint. I could blame it on the week I spent in Chicago on business recently, or on the cooler weather, but I think I'll blame it on my three studio assistants, the puggies. Anniebelly constantly is tossing her toys at my feet, and then woofing at me to toss them back. Howard Pee Pugpants wants to climb into my lap so he can snooze in maximum comfort. Java Cheesy just wants me to tend to his blankets to ensure his nap pillow by my easel has an appropriately comfy chinrest. (Pugs are famous for wanting comfy chinrests.)

Winnie, in the picture, was my little velcro muffin and my inspiration for many years until she went to the rainbow bridge last January. She may not be in the studio with me anymore in person, but I feel her there with me every day in spirit. There is nothing like unconditional love to give you that boost when you need it most. Or a pug tossing a toy at your foot. I hope you all have helpers like mine who inspire you. I don't know what I would do without my little snorfley clowns nearby to keep me laughing.

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